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Strategic sourcing best practices over on MetalMiner.
Defining a Strategic Sourcing Process For Middle-Market Firms -- Every company has the ol' time-honored step/"Chevron" process for strategic sourcing. MetalMiner Editor Lisa Reisman interviewed Olivier Maurandy, VP Business Development for Fullstep USA, to get his take on strategic sourcing best practices. In this segment, Maurandy touches on how middle-market manufacturers and other companies can focus their sourcing processes.

This is dumb.
Watching TV Without Cable? Fine. But You May Have to Pay for Cable Anyway -- The cord-cutting era may be getting cut back itself. According to a report in the New York Post, the online video outlet Hulu (a joint venture of NBC, Fox and ABC) is considering requiring that its users prove they have a cable or satellite subscription in order to watch video at the site. It would be a while before the change happens, if it ever does; this may be a trial balloon or a preliminary idea that won't pan out. But whatever comes of this, there has been a trend for a while now toward "authentication": that is, one way or another, requiring people to have cable or satellite in order to stream shows online. Theoretically, networks and producers can deliver you programming through services like Hulu, but they're in business with cable companies, who do not want you to cut the cord.

Oh, DDB. What will you think of next?
'Poo Wi-Fi' Rewards Conscientious Dog Owners [VIDEO] -- Internet portal Terra has found an innovative way to reward conscientious dog owners: free Wi-Fi for those that clean up after their pooch. The company is piloting a program in 10 parks in Mexico City that works like this: When dog owners throw away their excrement in a special box, the device calculates the weight and then gives everyone in the park free Wi-Fi for a period (usually a few minutes.) Of course, there's a way to rig the program by tossing garbage in the box instead of poo, but the ad agency behind the effort, DDB Mexico, told Creativity Online that it's fine if people are cleaning trash from the park to access the service. However, during the day, hostesses stand by the boxes handing out poop bags to ensure that the device is being used as promised.

Need a kidney (or want to give one)? Check Facebook.
Facebook in organ donation push -- The NHS said only half of registered organ donors told their families that they wanted to donate their organs after death. If somebody is on the register then legally the organs can be used for transplantation. However, organs are not taken if the family is too upset by the prospect. The NHS said relatives who knew the person's wishes were far more likely to consent. People can now say they are an organ donor as part of their "Facebook Timeline".

- Sheena Moore

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