Spend Matters' Next Step: Let the Countdown Begin!

Spend Matters is nearly eight years old -- and we're about to change in quite a serious way. In the next few weeks, we'll be unveiling a premium content and membership service (on both sides of the Atlantic) that will shake things up in this sector. We hope to be somewhat -- OK, very -- disruptive. This new offering is targeted toward practitioners and providers, albeit with slightly different value propositions for each. We see an important void in the market right now that's been left open by traditional industry analysts, publishing/media houses and speciality research firms. It's one we intend to fill with something entirely new built on true expertise and opinion, but delivered in a way the market has not seen before.

With our new subscription services, our plan is to help procurement and supply chain professionals to be more effective in their jobs, particularly by providing relevant information, original thought leadership, opinion and analysis connected with technology, tools, solutions, market developments and latest thinking in our field. When it comes to coverage, we will span the invaluable to the esoteric to the controversial in order to provide our readers with an information advantage to drive everything from polite hallway conversation to truly strategic decision-making.

Our goal on the provider side is to be no less invaluable. Our new content offering will assist providers with a focus on procurement and supply chain to understand their customers better, explore the competitive landscape, develop their offering, market effectively, identify and understand potential partners and generate revenue. Our aim is to provide insight that is so foundational that affiliating with and staying on top of Spend Matters becomes as routine as making coffee every morning.

We will also maintain a smaller (and dedicated) focus on helping the investment community (sell-side, buy-side, private equity and venture firms) understand the real customer, growth and solution drivers behind public and private companies in the markets we cover (as well as broader sector opportunities for growth).

If you're a current Spend Matters reader and are afraid of change, don't worry.
We will still be providing each month and free to everyone some 150 new website articles, representing over 60,000 words of insight, analysis and opinion, on Spend Matters and Spend Matters UK/Europe (if you add in MetalMiner and HC Matters, that number triples). However, we hope to prove the invaluable worth of our new service at price points which make it an absolutely no-brainer to become a subscribing member.

Stay tuned as we share more details in the coming days -- and launch our premium service in beta in a matter of weeks if all goes as planned. Ironically, later today, I'm giving a lecture to an undergraduate economics class on the topic of innovation, where I'll be introducing the concept of Clayton Christensen's Innovator's Dilemma. Let's just say we've studied up on the topic outside of trying to mold some future business minds ...

- Jason Busch

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