Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

The Spend Matters team is at Coupa's "Crank the Savings" World Tour today.
Coupa Kickstarts First-Ever "Crank the Savings World Tour" In San Francisco, Atlanta, and Chicago -- (and yes, they did show the Spinal Tap "crank it to 11" video). Jason and Thomas are taking the stage for an "Ask the Analyst" panel. More coverage to come!

Beware, Dark Lord fans...
Three Floyds Warns Against Black Market Dark Lord Sales -- Part of only selling beer at the brewery guarantees that it goes to the consumer at a reasonable cost and that everyone has an equal opportunity to purchase Dark Lord. We do not condone black market sales of Dark Lord, DLD tickets or any other beer that is purchased at our facility. The best way to ensure that black market sales do not happen is for consumers to not patronize the illegal sellers, (this also goes for retailers who engage in price gouging.) There unfortunately is not a practical, legal or cost effective way for us to police after market sales of our limited products or tickets. We have reviewed many options but have found that all of them would affect our mission of making the best beer we possibly can at a reasonable price to the consumer.

China says Thailand needs to step it up.
China urges larger Thai supply chain -- Thailand should take three measures to help its technology and energy sectors develop, says Gao Wenkuan, the commercial counsellor at the Chinese embassy in Thailand. The country should expand its industrial supply chain, especially in the electronics and automotive sectors, in order to become more competitive, Gao said at a seminar held by the Federation of Thai Industries. The second measure proposed by China is to make use of the uniqueness of certain Thai resources, such as cassava, para rubber and wood.

DoD can't catch a break.
Defense procurement problems won't go away -- In June 1986, after a year-long investigation, then-President Ronald Reagan's Blue Ribbon Commission on Defense Management -- later known as the Packard Commission -- filed a final report. It was established to investigate Pentagon procurement after an enormous increase in defense spending and the discovery of the infamous $435 hammer and $600 toilet seat. The panel was chaired by David Packard, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard Co., and deputy defense secretary in the Nixon administration.

- Sheena Moore

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