Spend Matters PRO: The Countdown for An Entirely New Procurement Research Voice is Almost Over

In the past few weeks, we've hinted at how the times will be changing significantly at Spend Matters as we introduce an entirely new, research-driven chapter in our history. In the coming weeks, we will be launching a members-only community and research service with access to the most informed and independent procurement and related supply chain information, insight, analysis and opinion available globally. In previewing what is to come for practitioners and our overall approach, we provided a bit of higher-level detail in
our last post on the topic. Flipping over the equation, for solution providers, our mission is to drive a new level of opinion, knowledge and awareness to help organizations better understand their customers, the market and competitive landscape, develop offerings, position and sell effectively, identify and understand potential partners, and generate revenue.

We'll continue to feature (free to everyone) some 150 new articles on Spend Matters US and Spend Matters UK each month. However, some additional and deeper analysis and insight -- particularly on key events such as acquisitions, technology or market developments, the impact of economic or political changes -- will be available immediately only to subscribers/members. Depending on the article, it will then be published in abbreviated format for general access some time later. We expect this to represent at least ten research articles/briefs a month, but the exact quantity will be driven by events. Providers that subscribe to our new offering will also continue to have access to our general research library.

There will be further content focused on this deeper analysis: for instance, key customer takeaways based on new product introductions, commodity market trends, best practice analysis -- that will only be available to subscribers/members. We expect this to represent a further 5-10 articles/briefs a month. Subscribers will also receive a new monthly research report with summaries of key, essential reading from Spend Matters and other sources of knowledge, etc. Quarterly, we'll feature a deep dive report with major technology reviews and opinion, including vendor shortlists based on buying profiles, analysis of solution providers, etc. Subscribers will also have access to member-only webinars and other private content and interaction opportunities.

The primary goal of our new research service is to provide an order of magnitude more frequent and deeper coverage of the markets that we already analyze daily relative to other sources of information. We do some of this already. But now we're going a step further in formalizing an approach to covering the sector -- that we should have done a long time ago.

We look forward to having all of our readers (practitioners, consultants, providers, analysts, academics and the general media) join us for the next chapter in Spend Matters. We'll be sharing more soon with select readers and the general Spend Matters audience later in the month. If you would like to be one of the first to subscribe to our research for the two initial launch waves (which is happening next week and the following), drop us a line.

- Jason Busch

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First Voice

  1. Jason Busch:

    We are currently in active "soft" launch mode of PRO … once we work out all the kinks (including finalizing the details of porting our research library over) in the coming days and weeks, we will invite the general readership to learn more and become members, if they’re interested.

    If you are having any issues accessing our research (and are a qualified practitioner, per our definition on the PRO site), please bear with us for the next 48 hours. We are still working through some issues. Others may have to wait to access research during this time as well, and for subscription requests to be validated.

    Thanks for your patience!


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