Your PRO Membership Matters: Hello and Welcome

We’re delighted to welcome you to Spend Matters PRO, our new premium content offering.

Our existing websites – Spend Matters, MetalMiner, Spend Matters UK/Europe and Healthcare Matters – will continue in their usual inimitable style, but this new site and our new PRO service will bring an added dimension to what we’re providing for subscribers.

The Spend Matters mission is to help procurement and supply chain practitioners, and those firms who provide products, services and solutions into that market, to be more successful. And the overall theme of how we do that is all about understanding and insight, particularly where we’re talking about change: what is happening now that practitioners and providers need to know and understand?

That means, of course, that we have a major focus on technology, as that is in a constant state of change. We believe we provide deeper and more informed analysis of the procurement and supply chain technology world than anyone, bar none. Spend Matters PRO gives us the opportunity to develop that insight further, and provide an even better service to subscribers.

But it’s not just technology. We bring readers a huge amount of news and current affairs commentary where it’s relevant to the procurement world. Spend Matters PRO won’t major on pure news items, but where they suggest a need for deeper analysis of topics that are relevant to our readers, expect to see that analysis and commentary. That might include issues around global economic affairs, commodity related trends and issues, or analysis around markets or specific suppliers.

We will also get into areas of best practice, process, strategy – but again, our focus is on change and innovative thinking. So as well as our own views and thoughts, we’ll also pick up on the best new thinking coming out of consulting firms, institutes, and others who, like us, are looking to improve procurement and supply chain performance.

Let’s also hope that we can help to build a community of readers. Our Spend Matters UK/Europe site has been particularly successful in gaining a range of readers who comment, some regularly, some occasionally, and often bring a whole additional dimension of insight, humor and experience to the party. We’d like to think Spend Matters PRO can go the same way as the community develops.

So, welcome, and we hope you find Spend Matters PRO useful, stimulating, informative and enjoyable!

- Peter Smith

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