Coupa Video Series: Jason Busch on the Top Procurement Trends for 2013

Spend Matters' fearless leader was recently interviewed by Coupa when their customer roadshow event swung through Chicago a couple weeks ago. In about 20 minutes of taping, a video crew captured a series of four shoots, each covering a different topic. Over the next few weeks, we'll be featuring these videos, starting with Jason's predictions on the Top Procurement Trends For 2013. What does the Spend Matters crystal ball say for what is coming down the pike?

Jason sets the stage by pointing out the uncertainty and dynamic environment in the world today -- questions of the US and European economies, currency volatility, China uncertainty, commodity volatility, etc. Based on this analysis, his first prediction suggested that procurement will implement the 80/20 rule and focus on where they can influence spend and savings the most (and will look to BPO-type services and solutions in other areas for "selective outsourcing").

The second prediction Jason makes is that procurement organizations will increasingly focus more broadly on managing for total cost and sourcing value, improving their skill-sets and capabilities to get "a real handle on direct spend and raw materials," among other areas. These efforts will include investments in commodity management, cost modeling and related areas. Jason's last prediction is that we'll see a focus not just on transactional efficiency (e.g., fewer AP clerks) when it comes to P2P, but on true effectiveness. Curious about what he has to say on the topic? Watch the video.

- Sheena Moore

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