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Cut cut cut.
General Mills Unveils Restructuring, Including 850 Job Cuts -- General Mills Inc. (GIS) unveiled restructuring plans aimed at improving productivity and cutting costs, moves that are expected to reduce its global workforce by about 850 positions. The food company, whose brands include Cheerios cereal, Yoplait yogurt and Betty Crocker baking products, has roughly 35,000 employees, according to its website. The restructuring plan includes organizational changes expected to improve its business alignment, and actions aimed at accelerating administrative efficiencies. Further details weren't provided. General Mills projected restructuring charges of about $109 million, including $94 million in its current fiscal quarter that ends May 27. The plans include asset-related costs of about $13 million related to write-downs of production equipment.

Where does your infant sleep?
A Crib for Baby: Made in China or Made in USA? -- Stanley Furniture Co. is betting baby cribs are among the few things Americans will pay a hefty premium for just because they carry a "Made in the U.S.A." label. The 88-year-old company recently shifted its crib manufacturing back to the U.S. from China, to a sprawling factory here that not long ago was earmarked for closure along with Stanley's other two domestic plants. Today, the Robbinsville factory is an oddity in an industry that has been abandoning the U.S. because of costs: It is growing and investing over $8 million in new machinery.

I've always wondered this too.
Why lavatory ashtrays are mandatory on nonsmoking flights -- Matt Simmons, who writes the Standalone Sysadmin blog, has been wondering why there are ashtrays in airplane toilets, even though you aren't allowed to smoke anywhere on or near an airplane, and you haven't been allowed to do so for quite some time. It turns out that airplane toilet ashtrays are mandatory: "Regardless of whether smoking is allowed in any other part of the airplane, lavatories must have self-contained, removable ashtrays located conspicuously on or near the entry side of each lavatory door, except that one ashtray may serve more than one lavatory door if the ashtray can be seen readily from the cabin side of each lavatory served."

Seems we've created some superbugs.
The Dangerous Superbugs Hiding in Your Dinner -- As someone who blogs about cancer, Adams is medically sophisticated. But the possibility that foodborne illness could be resistant to antibiotics had never occurred to her. Nor could she have imagined the damage the bacteria could do. A third prescription killed the infection, but the aftermath stretched on. For four months, she could take in nothing but liquids and the simplest carbs. She was exhausted and couldn't exercise. When she ventured out to meet friends for dinner, the sight and smell of a steak turned her stomach and made her flee the restaurant. By the time she finally recovered, she had shed more than 20 pounds from her already slim frame. "People would say, 'What are you doing? Are you running?'" she says. "And I'd think, No, I'm dying."

- Sheena Moore

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