Spend Matters PRO — Let the Research Begin!

Even though Spend Matters PRO is only in Beta with select users this week, we've already published four feature-length analyses. The first article kicked off a feature series on everything that procurement organizations should know about how Big Data, including how it is "creating new types of applications and information services (e.g., interactive briefing dashboards on suppliers or commodities that leverage mash-ups of continuously updated internal and external information, potentially on a multitier basis)." In this analysis, we also explore how Big Data approaches are improving the returns of certain classes of existing applications (e.g., spend analysis). In the research brief, we suggest Big Data is impacting procurement in six specific ways.

In this continuing Spend Matters PRO series on Big Data in procurement and supply chain, we'll turn our attention in the coming weeks to technology vendors that are worth getting to know and how they can help (as well as some we see overstating their current worth in the area). Following this analysis, we'll explore whether or not procurement should work with IT directly to solve Big Data challenges or if they should embrace external partners (or a combination of both) -- and what types of initiatives IT is likely to be most helpful in versus a waste of resources and time.

Other research we've published this week includes the first brief on what keeps CPOs awake at night. In this series, we'll explore the aims and objectives CPOs are likely to face, and the pressure they're often under. Rather than just explain the issue, we provide useful thoughts on how CPOs can respond, and indeed how providers might best position themselves to provide support and assistance to the CPO. The first brief in the series examines the performance of senior procurement executives (including CPOs) and how they are – and should – be measured by management teams.

We also published our first two research briefs on SAP's acquisition bid for Ariba (we'll preview the second one later today on the free version Spend Matters -- i.e., this site). You can be sure this is a topic we'll continue to cover.

Once Spend Matters Pro is out of beta in June, we'll be sharing the topics of the daily PRO coverage on Spend Matters as well.

Stay tuned!

- Jason Busch

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