Friday Rant: A Transformative Week and a New Procurement Voice

This has been the most transformative week in procurement from a sector provider and sector criticism/insight perspective in memory. On the one hand, SAP announced its acquisition bid for Ariba, a transaction that if it goes through, will truly create the gorilla of the market (but that will leave figurative ripe fruit on the higher branches for a new species of nimble primate to pick and munch -- out of the reach of the king of the metaphorical spend apes). And on the other, Mickey North Rizza left Gartner to join BravoSolution at the same time Spend Matters launched Spend Matters PRO (in beta, but at least it's live). And no -- if you must ask -- the latter two had nothing to do with each other from a timing standpoint.

As my wife will tell you at the same time as complaining (fairly) that my kids did not see much of me this week, the combination of the activities created far too many late nights and early mornings in the office. Yet we have a new fire in our bellies at Spend Matter to cover this market like it's never been covered before. Whether it's looking at current solutions, dissecting future technology directions for incumbent and upstart providers alike, or musing on the how CPOs should be measured (see our PRO site for a great piece by Peter Smith on the topic from this past Tuesday), Spend Matters just upped its voice to a level that is off the charts for coverage of a sector that deserves far more analysis than it has ever gotten.

This is a commitment we're excited to make. The time has come for a level of depth of voices in the procurement and supply chain research market. As you'll see on Spend Matters, Spend Matters UK/Europe, MetalMiner and Healthcare Matters -- collectively we publish close to twenty new posts each day -- we will continue our focus on delivering a level of free content and insight that is unrivaled, even compared with most fee-based sources. But those wanting a new depth of insight going forward will now have a new option to choose from in the market.

Someone asked me this week if Spend Matters PRO would shake up the analyst world. I told them straight out: "No. This is something new entirely, and we see it as complementary". Moreover, many of the analysts are our close colleagues (as Mickey was and is), whom we respect and enjoy working with. In short, we not only wish our colleagues at the analyst firms well, we hope to collaborate more closely (one of the reasons I spoke at Forrester's Sourcing and Vendor Management Summit this morning, in fact). But at the same time, we will make a commitment to our readers and PRO subscribers to produce a level of business insight (not just IT) on a daily basis that we believe can change this market by informing not only technology and solution decisions in a new way, but also broader procurement, sourcing -- and to a lesser degree, supply chain -- ones as well in a manner that has not existed since AMR Research was independent (and never existed at the level of frequency and depth that we are already delivering on Spend Matters PRO).

For us, it has been quite a week of timing and serendipity. Now it's time to get some rest over a long weekend before we hit the ground running at 110% on Tuesday. And thank you to all of readers, fans, detractors -- everyone. Without your support and readership, we would not be here today.

- Jason Busch

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