SAP / Ariba: Directional Focus and Customer Recommendations Amidst Post-Merger Uncertainty

Earlier today on our subscription research site, Spend Matters PRO, we published a research brief exploring two topics focused on SAP's bid for Ariba. First, we consider directional indications of solution focus going forward for the two organizations if the deal goes through. Second we provide customer recommendations to take advantage of the pre-acquisition and post-merger uncertainty (providers may also find some helpful tips in this part of the analysis as well).

Research highlights in the brief include:

  • A look at the key takeaways from an Ariba letter to customers from earlier in the week including elements of the note that readers should zero in on
  • Potential SAP/Ariba network strategy and direction aimed at buyers
  • Potential SAP/Ariba network strategy and direction aimed at suppliers
  • Implications of HANA on potential network services
  • Seven recommendations for customers to take advantage of the situation and uncertainty in negotiating and contracting with SAP and Ariba (e.g., "Developing alternative options to increase negotiation leverage and flexibility ... (e.g., Ariba Buyer CD customers evaluating transactional and network connectivity options should consider providers including ... and have a back-up plan while increasing their BATNA -- best alternative to negotiated agreement")

- Jason Busch

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