Ariba and SAP: Spend Matters and Gartner Coverage to Date

It's been an intense week and a half at Spend Matters with our PRO premium content launch -- not to mention our general coverage of the SAP and Ariba acquisition. Without question, our most insightful coverage of the deal can be found on Spend Matters PRO (subscribers only -- same day access available with the caveat that if you apply today, look for an access email in your inbox bright and early Monday morning).

Next week, we have two more PRO, subscriber-only pieces coming out next week on the transaction (in addition to features on supplier diversity, Oracle Fusion and other topics). One of next week's Ariba and SAP briefs features a 2,000 word comparative look SAP's and Ariba's e-invoicing and related network capabilities and partnerships -- including strengths, weaknesses and possible product integration direction. Another is titled: Will the Ariba/SAP Deal Close? What Customers, Prospects, Competitors and Investors Should Consider. Our eProcurement product comparison and product integration analysis will follow the week after next.

Want to know how a Spend Matters PRO subscription works, and the difference between our practitioner and provider options? Before signing up, please take a few moments to find out whether you're a practitioner or provider and what the FAQ looks like for practitioners and providers. Please also note that the "free" practitioner level does not grant access to the below PRO articles and analysis -- you must upgrade to PRO! (We promise, it's worth it!)

Current PRO briefs on SAP and Ariba can be accessed via the links below (Upgraded PRO subscribers only):

How Might CPOs Perceive the SAP and Ariba deal?

SAP and Ariba: Customer and Prospect Implications – Sourcing, Spend Analysis, Supplier Management and Contract Management

Ariba and SAP...Exploring the Network Elephant in the Cloudy Room

SAP and Ariba Procurement Customers: Hints at a Directional Solution Focus and Recommendations to Take Advantage of Acquisition and Post-Merger Uncertainty

On the regular Spend Matters site, additional higher-level coverage can be found across multiple columns and articles (available free of charge). Please note that some of the PRO research briefs contain short excerpts on the main Spend Matters site (see below):

SAP, Ariba, and SuccessFactors -- By the Numbers

Ariba: Probing on SAP's New Procurement and Supplier Network "Angel"

SAP and Ariba: How Much Has the Business Case for Acquisition Changed Over the Years?

SAP and Ariba: Initial Customer and Competitive Takeaways

SAP and Ariba: Sourcing and Spend Analysis Comparative Analysis

SAP and Ariba: Supplier Management and Contract Management Comparative Analysis

Analyzing the Human Procurement Capital: SAP and Ariba

Ariba and SAP: Exploring the Network Elephant in the Cloudy Room

A Retrospective Essay -- Looking Back on Ariba's Transformation

SAP / Ariba: Directional Focus and Customer Recommendations Amidst Post-Merger Uncertainty

Friday Rant: A Transformative Week and a New Procurement Voice

Gartner has also covered the acquisition in a PDF available for public download (a good quick summary at 607 words).

- Jason Busch

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  1. Jason Busch:

    This is all we could find on the Gartner site.

  2. Jim Montgomerie:

    So is this EVERYTHING that Gartner have produced? Really? Or just the best bit?

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