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AT&T Will Transfer Data Through Your Bones -- AT&T Bell Labs has been working on a bioacoustic system that could allow your cell phone or other device to securely transfer data through your body – in particular, through your bones. The system has the additional benefit of being completely secure – that is, if someone else has got your phone, they won't be able to get to that data. "Our ultimate goal is to get data transferred securely through the bones of people allowed access to it," Brian Amento, the head of the project told me. "We've gained enough interest that its worth pursuing."

Pre-kindergarten costs: off the charts.
Cost of Prekindergarten Special Education Is Soaring -- New York City is paying private contractors more than $1 billion this year to operate a little-known special education program for 3- and 4-year-olds, nearly double the amount it paid six years ago. The program serves 25,000 children with physical, learning, developmental and other disabilities. While the number of children in the program has risen slowly in recent years, annual costs have soared to about $40,000 per child, according to an analysis of city education spending by The New York Times.

Banking on Windows 8.
Fate Of Microsoft's Windows 8 Will Impact Taiwan, Dell And HP, Acer Founder Says -- In the face of stiff competition from Apple, the fate of Microsoft's latest operating system Windows 8 will have a big impact on Taiwan, home to many of the world's biggest manufacturers of computer equipment, according to one of the island's best-known industry leaders. "If Microsoft doesn't have a good Windows 8 (product), it will be a big loss for Microsoft and then Taiwan," Acer Group founder Stan Shih said in an interview with Forbes in Shanghai on Monday. (See related story here.) "HP and Dell will also be affected."

Oh, good.
China's Great Wall is 'longer than previously thought' -- The Great Wall of China has been officially declared even longer than previously thought, state-run media report. The wall measures 21,196.18km (13,170.6956 miles) long based on the latest state survey results, state-run news agency Xinhua reported on Tuesday. A preliminary study released in 2009 estimated the wall to be 8,850km long. The world's largest man-made structure was built to protect China's northern border.

- Sheena Moore

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