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Job Opening: Who wants to manage the 787 supply chain?
Boeing 787 supply chain chief to head Boeing Japan -- The Boeing Co. on Wednesday announced that George Maffeo, vice president for 787 supplier management, will become the new president of Boeing Japan. Maffeo will replace Mike Denton, who is retiring in October after 35 years with the company. Mary Hanson, a spokesperson with Boeing (NYSE: BA), says the company is still working on filling Maffeo's position at the top of its 787 supply chain.

Commodity challenges for Halliburton...
Halliburton blames guar bean shortage for profit warning -- Halliburton has warned that a shortage of guar beans in India will hit its profits. The oilfield services company said its North American profit margins would fall by twice as much as expected in the current quarter. Guar is a key ingredient in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, fluids, which are used to extract natural gas from rocks. Guar is also used to make ice cream and sauces. The rising price of the beans, which are mostly grown in India, was also noted in Tate & Lyle's results last week.

Password risk management.
With LinkedIn and EHarmony Passwords Exposed, Make Sure You're Not Using Same Password Elsewhere -- A good number of those seeking work opportunities and those seeking love opportunities had their passwords outed this week. LinkedIn confirmed Wednesday's reports that some of its users' passwords were posted on a hacker forum. EHarmony also chimed inyesterday to say that some lonely hearts had been betrayed; the passwords for "a small fraction of its [20 million member] database" have been compromised. Both companies have reset the passwords for affected users and are sending them emails with instructions to fix the problem. (Warning: Watch out forbogus emails on the same topic from spammers.)

A quick lesson.
Contango Vs. Normal Backwardation -- The shape of the futures curve is important to commodity hedgers and speculators. Both care about whether commodity futures markets are contango markets or normal backwardation markets. This isn't semantic: in 1993 the German company Metallgesellschaft famously lost more than $1 billion dollars - mostly because management deployed a hedging system that profited from normal backwardation markets but did not anticipate a shift to contango markets. In this article, we'll lay out the difference between contango and backwardation and show you how to avoid serious losses.

- Sheena Moore

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