SAP and Ariba: Customer and Prospect Implications — E-Invoicing and Network Connectivity (Part 1)

Our latest Spend Matters PRO research brief, SAP and Ariba: Customer and Prospect Implications -- E-Invoicing, provides a comparison and overview of different e-invoicing elements contained in solutions provided by SAP (and OEM partner OpenText) and Ariba (including invoice/data submission supplier portal, interoperability/integration, network connectivity, etc.). It explores current capabilities of SAP and Ariba (including partner solutions), comparative strengths/weaknesses, operating philosophies (e.g., network centric vs. network/connectivity agnostic) and alternative approaches in the market.

This piece will be of particular use to any prospect or customer of Ariba or SAP (and OpenText) looking to develop an e-invoicing strategy, pursue a selection process, understand potential e-invoicing and network solution roadmap implications of a post-merger SAP/Ariba and/or examine potential solution upgrades. Aside from a current comparative analysis, it also provides insight into possible integrated roadmap and e-invoicing solution direction for SAP and Ariba based on an outside perspective.

SAP and Ariba Comparative Solution Areas Covered:

Part 1 (published 8 June 2012)

  • Invoice/Data Submission and Capture
  • Matching and workflow
  • Supplier network, compliance, supplier integration
  • Reporting/benchmarking

Part 2 (publishing 12 June 2012)

  • Supplier portal capabilities and Discounting
  • E-Invoicing/P2P interoperability
  • Systems Integration (buyer-facing)

SAP Products covered: Supplier Relationship Mananagement (SRM), Invoice Management (OpenText), Supplier Self Service (SUS), etc.

Ariba Products covered: Invoice Management, Network/Supplier Network, P2P, Supplier Enablement, Supplier Portal, etc.

Additional vendors mentioned: OpenText, Taulia, Basware, OB10, Hubwoo, IBX/Capgemini, Invoiceware, TradeShift, Hubspan, GEP, Coupa, Verian, Pagero, b-pack, Ivalua, WALLMEDIEN, ReadSoft, Brainware, etc.

Spend Matters PRO Core subscribers can gain immediate access to this research brief and all Spend Matters PRO Content by joining the Spend Matters PRO community. This includes additional Premium Research on the SAP and Ariba transaction:

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- Jason Busch

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  1. sap upgrade tool:

    SAP and Ariba based e invoicing is really helpful, as network connectivity is prime feature looked by sap users, sap and ariba has done that before and made it convenient for users to interact with the community.

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