Taulia: Prospect/Customer Recommendations and Summary Analysis (Spend Matters PRO)

Summary: Based on our analysis of the Taulia product and our cursory (but deep) discussion with one of their larger customers, Spend Matters believes the Taulia solution is one of the most logical discounting solution options for companies with SAP back-end environments (the fewer the number of instances and versions, the better). However, with the recent announcement of SAP's pending acquisition of Ariba, we would encourage further diligence of Ariba's discounting solutions and capabilities as well based on current capabilities that will be made available through SAP.

Analysis Excerpt: It is our view that AP, procurement and treasury organizations should consider Taulia under the following circumstances: Consolidation or standardization on an SAP back-end environment has occurred (or is in the process of occurring) and procurement, AP and treasury are aligned around the value that dynamic discounting programs can bring...[continued on PRO]

Despite our solid endorsement of Taulia, we urge potential customers (and partners) to consider the following points in their evaluation as well especially relative to Ariba: Ariba currently offers a stronger value proposition to suppliers than Taulia through its integrated supplier portal that provides access to receivables and discounting options across all customers using the Ariba network. Taulia, in contrast...[continued on PRO]

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"Almost eight years ago Spend Matters was born and a major transformation was underway in how procurement experts, consultants and solutions providers interacted and shared best practice. Well, Jason Busch is at it again, and Spend Matters PRO is already revolutionizing how both "practitioners" and "providers" gain the type of insights to successfully navigate today's complex supply chains and associated requirements. PRO research is deeper and more actionable than Spend Matters before. And as always, you can be sure that the Spend Matters Team will provide you with real unbiased and unvarnished information that can help you sustain and improve your strategic impact to the organization you serve." - Gregg Brandyberry (SVP, Market Operations, FedBid, Former Vice President (retired), Global Procurement and Operations, GlaxoSmithKline)

"The Spend Matters PRO material is just what I am looking for as an eSourcing practitioner. It has been so difficult to find quality and informed in-depth, independent, information and analysis on what is going on in the market place. An excellent addition to the Spend Matters portfolio." - Steve Lane (eSourcing Manager, Europe, HJ Heinz )

- Sheena Moore

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