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Life in Nanuvet.
Who, What, Why: Why does a cabbage cost $28 in Canada? -- Would you pay C$28 (US$27; £18) for a cabbage? $65 for a bag of chicken? $100 for 12 litres of water? That's not the cost of a meal at a world-class restaurant, but the price of basic foodstuffs at supermarkets in the territory of Nunavut, in northern Canada. Residents in Iqaluit, the provincial capital, and Arctic Bay, Pond Inlet and Igloolik, and sympathisers in the national capital, Ottawa, have been protesting in a bid to raise awareness of the high cost of food in remote communities. So why is their food so expensive? Nunavut is as large as Western Europe and covers most of the Canadian Arctic, with a population of more than 30,000, mostly Inuit. Its harsh, northern climate means there is no agricultural industry.

Wal-Mart just can't catch a break.
Wal-Mart Faces New Food-Safety Complaints in China -- Wal-Mart Stores Inc. faced new accusations of food-safety violations in China, as the retailer attempted to recover from a pork-labeling scandal that jolted its China operations last year. Beijing's Food Safety Administration said Thursday that it accused Wal-Mart of violating food-safety standards in March by selling sesame oil exceeding standard amounts of benzopyrene and squid containing hazardous levels of cadmium. The agency's website said the sesame oil and squid were produced by domestic companies.
Both chemicals are hazardous to human consumption and can cause cancer, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

Cut cut cut.
Dell looks to cut $2B in costs over next three years -- Dell on Wednesday said it wants to cut $2 billion in costs over the next three years as the company moves a larger part of the business toward the enterprise to increase profitability. The cost cuts will come in a number of areas, including standardizing PC and server system configurations, moving operations to more affordable geographic areas and making the supply chain more efficient, said CEO Michael Dell during a keynote at the company's analyst day, which was webcast. The company will reinvest some of the savings attained through cost cuts into growth areas such as the enterprise business to increase profitability, Dell said. The company has already been pouring financial and research resources into the enterprise business, which includes software servers, storage, services and networking.

What airline do you choose to fly?
Survey Names Passengers' Most (And Least) Favorite Airlines -- Market research company J.D. Power & Associates is out with its annual ranking of consumer satisfaction with North American air carriers. The survey ranks Alaska Airlines highest among traditional airlines, while JetBlue tops the list of low-cost carriers. US Airways and Frontier Airlines are at the bottom respectively. The survey looked at seven factors, weighted by importance to travelers: price (ticket cost and additional fees); in-flight services; boarding, deplaning and baggage handling; flight crew; aircraft; check-in; and reservations.

- Sheena Moore

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