Spend Matters Vendor Analysis: GEP (Formerly Global eProcure) — Part 3 (Spend Matters PRO)

Summary: This analysis represents a continuation of our Spend Matters PRO series examining GEP and its sourcing and spend analysis capabilities. From a buyer's point of view, GEP's e-sourcing capabilities touch on most fundamental sourcing areas and go particular deep for certain everyday activities. For example, the GEP RFx module goes beyond the workflow basics. It uses a project management timeline feature to aid in managing more complicated workflows by segmenting (and delegating) tasks and stages. An interesting twist is how it uses approval tied to steps and not an overall RFx. This is a clever approach to bring other stakeholders such as internal subject matter experts (SMEs), legal, etc. into the process at a granular decision-making level without requiring their involvement more broadly...[continued on PRO]

GEP's bid page is reasonably detailed with substantial breakdown into components covering not only basics such as item name, description, quantity and price but also signaling demand, delivery locations, packaging and other columns that the buyer made available to suppliers. Best of all ...[continued on PRO]

We found it somewhat surprising that there was no folder capability to organize large quantities of RFX ... Contrarians as we are at times, we think GEP might be a little too far ahead of the UI curve on this on, our preference is to have a folder format to organize activities by various criteria such as business unit, geography and categories...[continued on PRO]

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"Spend Matters PRO continues the evolution of Spend Matters. At launch, Spend Matters [UK] was a witty and amusing Procurement based website, but
perhaps lacking a little gravitas. Over the course of the last 18 months, the style has evolved into a must read commentary on all Procurement matters, often providing thought leading positions on hot topics, as well as encouraging serious debate amongst top practitioners. PRO takes the evolution further and no one with an interest in Procurement can afford to miss out on the in depth research and analysis that the team provide." - Guy Allen, (ex Group Procurement Director for Abbey, Santander UK, and Fujitsu, ex-CIPS Council member, now Managing Partner, 4C Associates)

"Spend Matters PRO is an exclusive and best-in-class resource that Supply Management has been sorely missing. It provides the insights and intelligence that our professionals need to stay ahead and keep their skills sharp. Built on the foundational excellence of Spend Matters blog, this is but a natural progression on what is now the Procurement Powerhouse for unparalleled research and analysis." - Naseem Malik, Director, Global Sourcing at Terex Corporation, CPSM

- Sheena Moore

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