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Hubwoo/SAP news.
Hubwoo Extends Global BPO Agreement with SAP -- Hubwoo , a leading global provider of Cloud Procurement services and The Business Network, today announced the extension of its global business process outsourcing (BPO) agreement with SAP AG. The announcement underscores the customer success to date resulting from the existing agreement and provides a framework to further continue cooperation on joint go-to-market activities. Through the renewal of the BPO agreement, Hubwoo will offer outsourcing and on-demand services "powered by SAP® software," providing customers rapid value across their source-to-pay business processes. The agreement is now extended for an incremental minimum of three years beyond the five year term of the initial agreement.

The rising cost of higher education: are the institutions themselves guilty?
What's Driving College Costs Higher? -- Kevin Carey, the director of the Education Policy Program at the New America Foundation, believes the student debt crisis reflects larger, troubling trends in higher education -- among them excessive spending by colleges and universities, which drives up tuition, and declining government support for public universities as state and local governments face budget crises. In the past three decades, Carey says, college tuition has consistently increased much faster than both inflation and incomes. "Every year, [it increases] 2 or 3 or 4 percent above the inflation rate, to the point where college is now four times more expensive than it was, say 20 or 30 years ago," he says. Where does that money go? To all sorts of things, including administrative and teaching costs, scholarships, sports teams and elaborate new construction projects.

Did you miss Thomas Kase on the Aravo/GE webinar last week? Have no fear, watch it here.
Taming the SIM Complexity Beast -- Managing one of the world's most complex supply chains, GE does business with over 750,000 suppliers across thousands of entities. To tame this supplier complexity, GE deployed a SIM software solution that was scalable, quick to implement, highly configurable and easily adopted by users. Join featured guest speakers Thomas Hattier, Manager, SSS/AP Operations, GE Corporate Initiatives Group andSpend Matters' Thomas Kase to learn about the state of SIM technology and how GE is using SIM to drive down costs and improve efficiency in managing their global supply base.

Let the scalping begin!
London 2012: 80% of Olympics tickets sold -- More than 80% of all Olympics tickets - some seven million - have now been sold, the BBC has learned. Organiser Locog said a million were bought in the last month and several thousand were yet to be made available.
There were most tickets remaining for volleyball, boxing, weightlifting and basketball although they were mainly top prices in early competition rounds. Meanwhile, London 2012 chairman Lord Coe watched as giant Olympic rings were lowered into place on Tower Bridge. The event marked a month until the opening ceremony of the Games.

- Sheena Moore

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