Today on PRO: Spend Analysis, e-Sourcing/Optimization, and Contract Management Pricing and Trends

Today on Spend Matters PRO, Jason takes a look at current Spend Analysis, e-Sourcing / Sourcing Optimization, and Contract Management trends, going so far as to discuss overall pricing trends and your optimal negotiation strategy going forward in these areas (aka some pretty invaluable analysis and tips). If you're in the market for negotiating a renewal or buying a toolset for the first time, this is on-the-ground intelligence you can't afford to be without, especially considering vendor price points and negotiation strategies for procurement tools are constantly evolving.

Over the first six months of 2012, the market has evolved considerably in the software sector of procurement. Pricing trends, negotiation and vendor management strategies have diverged based on what areas of technology enablement companies are looking at -- and similar approaches for optimal negotiations and vendor management strategies for end-to-end procurement suites have evolved as well. Companies should arm themselves with as much knowledge and as early in the evaluation process as possible, going so far as to understand capability and pricing benchmarks before an RFP (to provide guidance to vendors known for less aggressive pricing to take a more competitive stance early in the process).

Also, Thomas Kase begins a multiple-part series on E2open:

E2open is getting closer and closer to becoming a public company. It recently filed its amended S1 document (a critical step in the path to an initial public offering). But more important for Spend Matters readers is what E2open actually does. In our view, the vendor provides a critical linkage between procurement organizations and suppliers (including vendors at multiple tiers of the supply chain) and delivers in many ways the type of connectivity and visibility for the direct supply chain that Ariba provides for the indirect.

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- Sheena Moore

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