Today on PRO: The DOJ Review of SAP’s Proposed Acquisition of Ariba (Part 1)

Today on Spend Matters PRO, Jason begins a series that explains some background of how the DOJ and FTC typically examine deals like that of SAP and Ariba, digging especially into the numbers side of things.

"In the past week, we've been studying up on how the DOJ and FTC analyze M&A activities from an antitrust angle. Depending on industry, one of the two commissions or agencies takes the lead on antitrust second requests/research and litigation into pending acquisitions and we were curious about how they examine horizontal mergers (i.e., mergers that bring together two competitors in an existing market segment). It is important for Spend Matters PRO readers to note that we're not experts in antitrust. Not in the least. But we have spent much of our professional careers looking at procurement tools, systems and networks like that the DOJ is now reviewing from Ariba and SAP in their second request for information into the proposed acquisition."

For further analysis, including a continuing investigation of these solution areas and information on why looking at current market share numbers, growth prospects and innovation is critical, join us: become a Spend Matters PRO subscriber today.

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- Sheena Moore

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