FusionOps – Business Intelligence for SAP in a Clever Package [Plus+]

FusionOps has cleverly worked its way around the traditional approach by setting their connector up on a workstation as an approved ERP user. They then tunnel the data back to their secure datacenter (SAS 70 Type 2 audited) where it is refreshed per contracted rate (e.g. every 5 minutes or so, many times per day) and made available over the FusionOps cloud solution. FusionOps then takes the client data and creates a plethora of best practice (per FusionOps’ ongoing market feedback) supply chain dashboards and reports based on the data set – hundreds of them – allowing clients to manipulate the data to their heart’s content. Ad hoc report building is also available in the solution. Self-service is at the heart of the solution.

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