A Vinimaya Update: Version 6.0 and Beyond (Part 3) [Plus+]

The real power of the power-user experience in the new Vinimaya UI comes into play when more advanced users are looking to place a familiar order (but one that they might not have saved specifically in the past. In this situation, they can enter, in free text form, as many part numbers as they want (or cut and paste a selection of part numbers into a form) and upon submission of a basic form, they’ll be presented with their selection of items to then confirm and added to a shopping cart based on the preferred sources of supply or other criteria (e.g., best SKU level pricing). The information presented back prior to confirming a check-out is significant and can include pictures, item-level details that a usual shopper would be interested in, etc. At this stage of confirmation, quantities can also be adjusted. Users can save the cart, abandon it or check out.

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