PRO Review: SciQuest/Upside, FusionOps, Underperforming Suppliers, Vinimaya, and More

Happy Olympics Friday, all. Here's what went up on Spend Matters PRO this week:

Anti-Network Trust or Anti-Network Bust? Exploring the DOJ Review of SAP's Proposed Acquisition of Ariba (Part 3) -- There is a strong rationale for antitrust enforcement in US history. From railroads to steel, antitrust enforcement has enabled greater competition and business and consumer choice. Yet in the case of Ariba/SAP, there is an argument to be made for the fact that competition is strong and rising in the P2P and network market, and will remain so for the foreseeable future given the caveats we outlined earlier in this series.

How Do You Handle Underperforming Suppliers? -- It's easy when you're a small firm. A supplier does a good job; you use them again. Another lets you down – that's the last time you'll ask them to fix your computer or design that artwork you needed urgently. But as the organisation gets larger, matters can become more complicated. And by the time you've got thousands of staff and premises in many different locations, keeping track of which suppliers are performing and which aren't becomes a complex task.

SciQuest to Acquire Upside – "Upside" All Around or Not? -- Yesterday, SciQuest announced its intent to acquire Upside Software. Upside, for those who do not know it, is one of the top providers of contract management software, and told Spend Matters at the end of 2010 that 80% of its business was from CD-based licensing (though they also offer a SaaS model as well), Its simpler hosted application, Upside "Live," never really gained traction relative to Ariba and other SaaS contract management tools. Still, Upside has a single code-base for its installed and SaaS solutions and SciQuest has noted that it plans to sell Upside's contract management software to customers primarily in a SaaS manner going forward.

FusionOps – Business Intelligence for SAP in a Clever Package -- Based out of Sunnyvale, CA, FusionOps is a solution provider focused on improving visibility into SAP data. Or in their own words, "ready-to-use business analytics, dashboards, and metrics within hours, without requiring any hardware, software or professional services." Spend Matters had the opportunity to speak with Gary Meyers, the CEO of FusionOps, about what makes FusionOps tick in a different way. We look forward to providing a deeper dive analysis once we've had the chance to spend some more time with their technology and customers.

A Vinimaya Update: Version 6.0 and Beyond (Part 3) -- When a more advanced user goes to query the Vinimaya system, they are presented with the same user interface as a less frequent shopper. Yet their experience is actually quite different based upon their choice of initial keywords in a search. For example, a user looking for a similar power tool to the one we described earlier in this series, but who knows the part number can quickly enter this information in the search box (which presents potential part numbers based on past searches, relevance, etc. as the person begins typing the first few characters).

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- Sheena Moore

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