Friday Latte: In-State vs. Out-of-State, NYC Bike-Share Delayed, Air France Hits Up Passengers For $

Avez-vous de l'argent ?
Air France asks passengers for refuel cash at Damascus stop -- The crew of an Air France plane that was re-routed via Damascus on Wednesday asked passengers how much cash they could stump up after Syrian authorities refused credit card payment to refuel the aircraft, the French airline said on Thursday. Ultimately it found an alternative arrangement, it said. The plane that was headed for Beirut on Wednesday night was diverted due to civil unrest in the Lebanese capital and sought to go to Amman, but it was forced to land in Syria due to lack of fuel. Air France stopped its flights to Damascus in March as fighting in the country escalated, and relations between France and Syria have collapsed since Paris demanded that President Bashar al-Assad step down.

Residency: not a factor for college tuition anymore?
Are State-Run Universities Gaming Admissions? -- Most State-run universities offer differing tuition structures based on residency. Students who are residents of the State pay lower tuition rates. Students who are not residents of the State pay higher tuition rates. In these days of strapped finances, State-run universities have a financial incentive to reject residents in favor of non-residents. Students being rejected from their home State must turn to private universities and out-of-State public universities – at higher tuition rates. From conversations with clients and financial planners at other firms, we have to ask whether this is actually occurring. We continually hear of superior resident students being rejected by in-State universities and being forced to attend out-of-State schools.

Biiiiiiicycles, Biiiiicycles...
Bike-Share Program Delayed Until Spring, Mayor Says -- About an hour after the mayor's comments, the city released a more detailed timeline. In March 2013, the Transportation Department said, the program will begin with 7,000 bikes at 420 stations. "New York City demands a world-class bike-share system, and we need to ensure that Citi Bike launches as flawlessly as New Yorkers expect on Day 1," Janette Sadik-Khan, the transportation commissioner, said in a statement. "The enthusiasm for this program continues to grow, and we look forward to bringing this affordable new transportation option to New Yorkers without cost to taxpayers." Under the original plan, the program, operated by Alta Bicycle Share, was to begin with a partial rollout this summer, then expand to a total of 10,000 bikes and 600 stations by summer 2013.

Bust out the Deet.
West Nile Hits Hard Around Dallas, With Fear of Its Spread -- An outbreak of West Nile virus has engulfed Dallas County, with nearly 200 cases of human infection and 10 deaths, leading the mayor of Dallas to declare a state of emergency and to authorize the first aerial spraying of a pesticide in the city since 1966. The high number of infections and deaths from the mosquito-borne disease marks the nation's worst outbreak of West Nile in a year that has already logged a record number of cases across the country. The virus has become endemic in the United States since the first outbreak in 1999.

- Sheena Moore

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