P2P Systems Connectivity: An Example Exploring Financials, CRM and VMS Integration (Part 2)

For a complete business-driven look at the benefits (and challenges) associated with eProcurement and broader P2P systems integration in a cloud environment, we encourage you to download: Procurement Systems Integration Within the Enterprise: Exploring Integration In The Cloud.

Please click here for the first post in this series that begins to explore P2P systems connectivity and integration in a more advanced deployment scenario.

Through looking at reports based on feeds from P2P, VMS and related toolsets, the procurement organization in question is focusing on delivering better services based on spending outcomes. Going forward, the company wants to extend its VMS and P2P integration to include contractor/supplier on- and off-boarding (e.g., identity management).

For travel and T&E spend, P2P cloud integration has enabled not just a new level of visibility and insight for category decision makers, but also frontline users and budget holders. For example, by tracking spend and budgets on a real-time basis, users are not guided to mandated outcomes (e.g., stay at the Hampton Inn versus the Marriot), but can see the actual budget impact (and budget availability) based on trips. Users can also use third-party booking sites (e.g., Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Priceline, Kayak) to check whether or not the third-party deal is better than a negotiated corporate arrangement, while staying in compliance with overall budgets and program policy.

One of the lessons learned in the integration process is the challenge of driving to a single supplier/vendor master. Gaining a common view of truth into spending across a rapidly growing global business with hundreds of thousands (or more) GL account code combinations is not something that companies should underestimate, not only from a systems integration perspective, but a P2P performance one as well. In an environment where cost centers may change with potentially a million or more account code combinations to look up and map to, instant queries, responses and updates should not be taken for granted.

If you're curious about P2P systems integration, we encourage you to download the following Spend Matters Perspective: Procurement Systems Integration Within the Enterprise: Exploring Integration In The Cloud. The research brief is part of the Spend Matters Research Library, a service that offers free access to over fifty Spend Matters papers for qualified procurement and supply chain practitioners.

- Jason Busch

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