Afternoon Coffee: Aramark CSR Steps, Bloomberg Sustainability Initiatives, Foxconn Improvements

Oinks of approval.
Aramark to eliminate meat from pigs bred using gestation crates -- Philadelphia-based food-service giant Aramark said Tuesday that it would eliminate the use of all pork from animals bred using gestation crates in its U.S. supply chain by 2017. In announcing the plan with the Humane Society of the United States, Aramark joined dozens of other food-service companies, restaurant chains, and supermarkets that have pledged to end their reliance on suppliers who house breeding pigs in confining crates their whole lives. "Aramark is proud to stand in partnership with other industry leaders and supply-chain partners to transition away from gestation crates in a timely fashion," said Kathy Cacciola, Aramark's senior director of environmental sustainability. "We're committed to operating responsibly and addressing key issues, including animal welfare, throughout our supply chain and business, and this commitment helps move the entire industry toward the elimination of gestation crates."

FLA relatively pleased after their inspection of facilities.
Foxconn improves worker conditions 'ahead of schedule' -- Foxconn, Apple's main manufacturer in China, has taken steps to improve working hours and conditions, said the US-based Fair Labor Association (FLA). Health breaks and measures to guard against repetitive stress injury were some of the changes the FLA found after an inspection. The report said Foxconn was ahead of schedule in implementing the FLA's recommendations. The review came after a number of suicides at Foxconn factories.

Louboutins can't do all that...
Nike Urged to Drop LeBron X Shoes -- The president of the National Urban League urged Nike Inc. NKE -0.50% to abandon plans to release the company's new LeBron X sneakers, saying he received "incessant phone calls and emails" from angry consumers who balked at the Beaverton, Ore., athletic-gear maker's rising sneaker prices. Marc Morial, president of the civil-rights group and the former mayor of New Orleans, was responding Tuesday to a report in The Wall Street Journal that the new sneakers named for basketball star LeBron James are likely to go on sale for more than $300 a pair. The basketball shoes come with built-in electronics that measure how high wearers jump and how far they run. Analysts say they expect Nike to issue a relatively small number--about 50,000--of the $300 shoes, with a less-expensive version of the shoe, without the electronics, likely to cost $180, or $10 more than the previous edition, the LeBron 9.

- Sheena Moore

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