Friday Latte: Lance’s Lifetime Ban, Stopping Invoice Fraud, Tattoo Ink Suppliers, Chinese Bridge Col

Oh, Lance.
Lance Armstrong subject to lifetime ban and fan fallout -- In a statement released late Thursday night, celebrated cyclist Lance Armstrong announced he would no longer fight charges that he used performance enhancing drugs throughout his esteemed career. "There comes a point in every man's life when he has to say, enough is enough," Armstrong's statement read. "For me, that time is now." Also on Thursday night, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency said it will strip Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles and Travis Tygart, USADA's chief executive, said Armstrong would be subject to a lifetime ban from the sport.

Gross gross gross gross blech yuck.
Red, Bubbly Rashes Will Make Your Dumb Tattoos Even Dumber -- The problem wasn't that these people had shared needles or visited unhygienic tattoo parlors or even that they were the kind of dirty gutterbutts who just develop rashes for no discernable reason. The problem was water. Can you believe it? And all this time we thought water was a friend. Turns out, water is not so friendly when you mix it with tattoo ink, as some ink suppliers did. Their logic was that when you mix tattoo ink with water, you magically create more (lighter colored) ink for free. This same trick can be used to turn beer into less flavorful beer or water into even more water. The problem, NBC News explains, is that by introducing distilled water into the tattoo ink, the manufacturers also introduced a distant relative of the tuberculosis bug that lives in soil and water.

Some helpful tips from
Invoice fraud: how to spot it and stop it -- In my research for's Accounts Payable Tech and e-Invoicing Summit 2012, I discovered that an issue playing on many minds in the accounts payable market at the moment is fraud. The recent conviction of Jessica Harper for defrauding her former employer, Lloyds TSB, of £2.4m over two years, was unfortunately not as shocking and rare a story as it should have been. Fraud continues to affect businesses in the UK on a massive scale. The2012 Annual Report by the National Fraud Authority estimated that fraud causes losses of £73bn every year. A report by the cabinet office entitled'Eliminating Public Sector Fraud' claimed that fraud costs the public sector alone £2.3bn.

Just 9 months after it opened.
Collapse of New Bridge Underscores China's Infrastructure Concerns -- One of the longest bridges in northern China collapsed on Friday just nine months after it opened, triggering a storm of criticism from Chinese Internet users and underscoring questions about the quality of construction in China's rapid expansion of its infrastructure. A nearly 330-foot-long section of a ramp of the eight-lane Yangmingtan Bridge in the city of Harbin dropped 100 feet to the ground. Four trucks plummeted with it, resulting in three deaths and five injuries. The 9.6-mile bridge is one of three built over the Songhua River in that area in the past four years. China's massive economic stimulus program in 2009 and 2010 helped the country avoid most of the effects of the global economic downturn, but involved incurring heavy debt to pay for the rapid construction of new bridges, highways and high-speed rail lines all over the country.

- Sheena Moore

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First Voice

  1. Thomas Kase:

    Lance Armstrong last won a TdF in July in 2005 – a bit late to complain about this now.

    The lack of respect for contracts is more concerning to me than anything else – if 500 plus tests were conducted on Lance during his racing career, without even a single positive (not even false) – what’s the problem? You abide by the rules, award the prize and move on.

    Think of the precedent setting factor here (or maybe it draws on the Penn State sanctions and win nullifications), if you can go back a dozen years – then why not revisit East German or all East Bloc medalists in every sport! How about China? Where do you draw the line?

    Looks to me like cycling is the big loser here – I see major sponsor withdrawal in the future.

    Just because you won that – you didn’t earn it. Sounds familiar…

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