Stepping Away from SAP/Ariba Uncertainty, Hubwoo Moves Its Network Vision Forward (Part 2)

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Networking – for solution enhancement, Hubwoo shared its recent functional and modular enhancements which include a new invoice status capability based on the Hubwoo Business Network framework with a stated mission to "eliminate invoice & payment status inquiries to accounts payable" groups by providing "invoice & payment status information from all of a buyer's back office as well as legacy systems for all suppliers, independent of the various delivery and receive services (Hubwoo, fax, paper, entered into ERP, etc.)."

It's a sure thing – through their guaranteed (contractually backed, actually) supplier onboarding, Hubwoo delivers a de facto turnkey service toward visibility into receivables status and associated linkages and actions (e.g., automated alerts or dispute management). Another new capability release from Hubwoo is a new vendor master synchronization capability, which is designed to leverage the network effect to enable supplier self-service and shift the onus of updating vendor master information onto suppliers (e.g., contact or banking details). Spend Matters has not yet reviewed this capability but will look under the covers soon and report back what we find.

Directory lookup – Hubwoo has now extended the capability of its network with a new trading partner directory designed to offer many of the same capabilities of Ariba Discovery, minus the RFX components (at least for now). This offering provides a taxonomy that enables supplier search based on capabilities and other attributes to allow for searching based on categories, geographies and specific capabilities. While it relies on supplier maintained content for basic profile and capability information, the solutions calls for cross-network performance/KPI indicators and ratings as well as "supplier activity information," as Hubwoo describes it.

With this network in deployment, Hubwoo should have more advanced network capability for supplier search and discovery than IBX/Capgemini, another SAP BPO partner. But we'll withhold our judgment until seeing it in action and talking to reference users. Stay tuned as our analysis of the Hubwoo roadmap continues.

- Jason Busch and Thomas Kase

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