Amidst SAP/Ariba Uncertainty, Hubwoo Moves Its Network Vision Forward (Part 3)

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Updated roadmap – continuing our reporting of Hubwoo's recently revised solution roadmap, Q4 of 2012 calls for core enhancement to the supplier marketing capabilities of the network – e.g. sponsorship, context sensitive advertising, public and private catalog marketing, and marketing KPI tracking, among other components.

Buy-side and sell-side coming – in early 2013, the network provider also plans to release a suite comprising a network sourcing offering for buyers, and a business development offering for sellers. Hubwoo intends to add network bid tendering functionality, and the ability for sellers to be alerted to relevant new business opportunities. In addition, trust packages will be available for comprehensive business financial information, performance, diversity, risk, and ratings.

Spend Matters believes, however, that the most important release for Hubwoo will occur in 2013 with a range of supply chain finance and discounting capabilities over its network, including "trade financing and discount management." It should be noted, however, that Hubwoo is late to the game here compared with Ariba, OB10 and others in offering network-based discounting and financing capabilities. But given the relatively low adoption of these solutions thus far, the timing may not be such a handicap.

The 360-degree View – in 2013, Hubwoo also intends to release what it describes as a "360-degree" view of business information via its network. This will, in Hubwoo's words, encompass "combined views of a business including your private info on a supplier, network and community info, and supplier administered information" as well as "qualitative and quantitative KPIs, supply risk indicators and market pricing trends and intelligence." This 2013 vision is aggressive but has been planned and funded by capital raises in 2011 and early 2012 totaling $12MM. If Hubwoo can succeed in delivering this type of visibility, provided it can maintain and increase network volume, it will certainly increase the network effect and benefits for all participants; buyers and suppliers alike.

Stay tuned as we continue our analysis of Hubwoo's product strategy and roadmap by considering the provider's current place in the market.

- Jason Busch and Thomas Kase

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