But Will Anyone Read It? Writing Content for a Procurement Audience [Plus+]

I saw a published article last week, from a specialist procurement consulting firm called “How to buy consulting services.” I was interested to see what the author had to say, as that was the topic of the book I co-authored with Fiona Czerniawska. We wrote 90,000 words on it, and felt we’d just about covered most, but not all of the key issues. This new piece was under 150 words. I’ve seen another article recently (from a software firm this time) claiming to explain IT Services procurement in about 300 words. You just can’t do it. You will either skate over the surface at the very highest level, or in reality focus on one or two individual issues or areas. And there’s nothing wrong with that focus. It’s why we don’t write blogs on Spend Matters called “How to do Procurement.” It is far better to focus on a manageable subject for the length of the piece you are writing, rather than suggesting you’re going to cover a huge topic in a few words.

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