Afternoon Coffee: Zoo Info Management, Panama Canal and the Supply Chain, Preparing for Isaac

The cutest information audit ever?
London Zoo animal audit - in pictures -- The height and mass of every animal in the zoo, of which there are over 16,000, needs to be recorded. The measurements are collated in the Zoological Information Management System, from which zoologists can use the data to compare information on thousands of endangered species

"There is a lot of noise about the significance of this project and how it will affect trade and commerce."
Will Panama Canal Expansion Affect Your Supply Chain? -- We all know supply chain management requires planning, not just for the products being shipped or received in the next couple of weeks, but also for shifts in long-term international trade. The Panama Canal expansion project immediately comes to mind. The $5.25 billion expansion project is expected to be completed in late 2014 to coincide with the canal's centennial celebration (though a construction snag could delay completion until early 2015). It will double the canal's capacity by adding a pair of three-chamber locks on the Pacific and Atlantic ends. The project will dramatically increase traffic by allowing the world's largest cargo ships to pass through the canal. These large ships, many of which would be coming from Asia, would get easier access to ports along the Gulf of Mexico and the East Coast. Changing trade routes could give many companies new shipping alternatives.

Hurricane planning.
Isaac: Waffle House, Home Depot have been here before -- "We need to be in a position to respond as soon as the storm passes," Warner said. Waffle House restaurants, which are open 24 hours, are known for reopening quickly after a storm. FEMA Director Craig Fugate has said he can judge the severity of a disaster by the state of the Waffle House in a community. "Businesses are full and essential partners on the emergency management team," Fugate said Tuesday. "Around the nation, not only in potentially impacted areas, they are more poised than ever before to support local, state and tribal officials to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters."

Defense agency to purchase $100 million in protein supplies -- Following USDA's purchase of $170 million worth of pork, lamb, chicken and catfish for federal food programs, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) will procure a six-month advanced meat supply for its Department of Defense (DOD) customers. At the time of USDA's announcement, President Obama requested that the defense sector also proceed with forward purchases. In the announcement made this week, the DLA Troop Support Subsistence supply chain has asked its top three vendors to purchase, store and distribute beef, pork, lamb, chicken and catfish items. Tom Daley, DLA deputy director, estimates the purchases will amount to more than $100 million.

- Sheena Moore

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