PRO Review: IQNavigator, Rollstream (GXS), Writing for a Procurement Audience, Can SIM Be Saved?

Continuing to dig into the guts of IQNavigator.
IQNavigator – Opening up the SOW Kimono (Part 3) -- One user-interface area where IQNavigator does not yet have as many pre-configured items as some other VMS providers for contingent and SOW enablement is around decision guidance and embedded insight in particular areas of the application (e.g., providing in-context analytics to help inform a decision based on past actions or results). However, in other areas, IQNavigator more than makes up for this with not just significant depth and breadth across all areas of the SOW lifeycle, but also on rolled-up, aggregate views.

Writing lessons from Peter Smith.
But Will Anyone Read It? Writing Content for a Procurement Audience -- It is ironic that just a few years after we were all predicting that the Internet, texting and Facebook would mean the end of people writing anything longer than a one paragraph email, more people are writing more material for public consumption than ever before? Whilst the number of professional journalists may have declined, the number of people who write blogs, content for business or personal websites, or even comment on other public websites is far greater than a few years ago. I suspect there are millions of people who now write something that (they hope) will be read by others on a regular basis (even if they don't get paid for it). That wasn't so just a few years ago.

Concluding thoughts, customer and competitive implications of Rollstream (GXS).
RollStream (GXS): Supplier Management Prospect, Customer and Competitive Recommendations and Analysis -- In this Spend Matters PRO feature expanding on the series on the main Spend Matters site, we will not focus on further reporting and description of the hybrid GXS/RollStream strategy or dig into the nuances of product capability. Instead, we plan to provide prospect, customer and competitive recommendations and analysis centered on the RollStream solution. There are a lot of nuances in how RollStream delivers SIM value and companies going through a supplier management selection process or evaluating new options for specific initiatives should take into account the following considerations when evaluating RollStream.

Jason and Thomas address some of the biggest challenges facing SIM, SRM, etc.
Can Supplier Management Be Saved? The Problems With SIM, SRM and Risk Management (Part 1) -- Stagnation – supplier management has problems. Some might call them large problems. Whether you call it simply "supplier management," supplier lifecycle management, supplier information management (SIM), supplier relationship management (SRM) or supply risk management doesn't really matter. But what does matter is a relatively consistent set of challenges we observe that companies are having in building programs that can sustain themselves over time to go beyond a single (or handful) of highly specialized initiatives and programs.

Other research services build highly-leveraged business models predicated on selling subscriptions in which typical analysts publish between 12-18 pieces per year (often co-authored).

Spend Matters PRO content is second to none in depth, breadth, frequency and utily. Our entire business model is predicated on it and delivers an order of magnitude more content in both absolute and useful terms. For this reason, we encourage behavior that drives subscriptions and readership.

We have no interest in following traditional IT analyst firms by arbitraging a broader brand to perpetuate an outdated business model that trades access, content and influence for dollars. This is the legacy model that we are attempting to put in the rubbish bin for good by focusing on true publishing. Our new model requires getting paid for what we publish for those who want to get smart on the market, not peddling influence.

It's time to go PRO.
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- Sheena Moore

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