Spend Matters PRO Review: Zycus, Writing for a Procurement Audience, Legal/Procurement Intersections

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Legal and Procurement Intersections: An Initial Look at the Continuum of Supplier Negotiation Types, Methods and Tools -- Today's post is our first piece of "social content" and a true example of how this audience can inspire us to explore topics we previously may have never covered. Last week, we got an email from a Spend Matters and Spend Matters PRO practitioner, which we'll reprint below. This area we speak of is a true continuum of supplier negotiation types, starting with what we might term traditional strategic sourcing tools used in e-sourcing (reverse auctions, RFX, RFI, optimization, etc.) and progressing through to re-negotiation, dispute resolution and beyond.

Zycus chooses which strategy to pursue going forward...
Zycus: Rock, Paper, Scissors ... Suite! -- Pardon the analogy, but there are similarities with the sourcing and procurement suite sector to this children's game, especially in looking at competitive software providers. For one, it's impossible to be all things to all people. You must decide which strategy you're going to pursue. Take Zycus, which for many years opted to build out a best of breed spend analysis classification engine, which it then slowly morphed -- really expanded out from the core is a better description -- into a spend analysis platform including optional analytics.

Peter concludes his series on writing for a procurement audience.
But Will Anyone Read It? Writing Content for a Procurement Audience (Part 2) -- We are all bombarded by so many different sources of information. If you want me to spend ten minutes (or even two minutes) reading your site, blog or article, it needs to be interesting and grab my attention, even if its underlying purpose is education/information. Consider it a privilege if anyone gives up even a few minutes of his or her busy day to read what you have written. This is honestly how I think about everything I write for Spend Matters. If you only write occasionally, it is even more important you get into that mindset.

Thomas continues his series on how to give an effective demo.
Solution Providers – How Do You Win Over Cynical Buyers and Analysts? (Part 2) -- Don't Sweat the Errors: not the small ones anyway. As I mentioned last time: demos go wrong, solution providers know it, and buyers should realize this too. Just today I had a briefing with a leading solution provider where one step in their demo didn't pan out as expected; a graph that was supposed to have been generated in a report failed to materialize - error screen. Oops! Am I going to hang them out to dry over this? Of course not.

The Spend Matters PRO Difference

Other research services build highly-leveraged business models predicated on selling subscriptions in which typical analysts publish between 12-18 pieces per year (often co-authored).

Spend Matters PRO content is second to none in depth, breadth, frequency and utility. Our entire business model is predicated on it and delivers an order of magnitude more content in both absolute and useful terms. For this reason, we encourage behavior that drives subscriptions and readership.

We have no interest in following traditional IT analyst firms by arbitraging a broader brand to perpetuate an outdated business model that trades access, content and influence for dollars. This is the legacy model that we are attempting to put in the rubbish bin for good by focusing on true publishing. Our new model requires getting paid for what we publish by those who want to get smart on the market, not peddling influence.

It's time to go PRO.
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- Sheena Moore

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