BravoSolution’s Most Strategic Asset:

Whoever registered back in the day at Bravo (or VerticalNet) must have had a stroke of genius, given that URL is probably worth thousands today, if not more. But the "strategic asset" to which I refer in the title is certainly not the domain name, however descriptive and even valuable it might be to offset OPEX costs if sold (we're sure the computational server power used in all those massive sourcing optimization events does not come cheap) . No, the asset to which we refer is Mickey North Rizza (see our series: here, here, here, here, and here), who Bravo snapped away from Gartner earlier this summer following the IT research borg's acquisition of AMR Research. As all Spend Matters readers know, Mickey was -- and is -- one of the industry analysts we hold in the highest esteem.

Mickey's new role at BravoSolution is client-facing. Yet she's also applying her energies to building community and engagement. Part of this effort involves the URL, which has taken shape in the past month as the latest blog addition to the procurement sector. As the lead contributor to the site, Mickey has changed the medium by which she is sharing her opinions on the sector (and the format).

We'll share the highlights from a few posts (and provide our own commentary) that Mickey has penned -- check back in later this morning. But it suffices to say that her early posts have managed to be educational, thoughtful and engaging at the same time, serving as both discussions and lectures aimed at all levels of the profession (I've learned more than a thing or two, mind you, if that means anything). Of course the danger in provider blogs is that they're abandoned -- or paid less attention to -- after a couple months or become thoughtless PR marketing tools. However, given Mickey's track record and Bravo's commitment to create thought leadership as well as education/training, that's unlikely to be the case. In fact, we suspect she'll be heard loud and clear throughout the procurement world, with a more expanded reach than ever.

Welcome, Mickey, to the blogosphere!

- Jason Busch

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