Afternoon Coffee: Upcoming Webinar, Goats at O’Hare, Rat Meat in London, Pre-infected PCs

Join Jason Busch and Peter Smith for a webinar on 9/25/12 from 11:30-12:30pm Central.
Getting to Grips with Contract Management - Managing Contract Visibility, Risk and Opportunity as a CPO -- Contract management needs to be brought into the 21st century. It needs clear ownership, better skills, and better tools to address the issues. Senior procurement executives, particularly when moving into a new role or organization or at a critical period (such as a merger/acquisition situation), are finding they have limited or no visibility into existing contracts. This is not a legal problem (or responsibility), nor one that third parties should solve. What tends to happen is that procurement ends up relying on time-consuming and expensive manual extraction of key points from complex documents, often held in a mixture of hard and soft formats. And without that visibility, it is difficult to get to grips with the necessary processes for effective ongoing contract management.

How do you write the procurement specification for this?
Chicago looking for goats to graze at O'Hare -- Chicago is looking for goats to graze the outer reaches of O'Hare International Airport. And a goat herder too. Amy Malick is the Aviation Department's point person for sustainability, and she says the city is looking at a pilot program of 30 goats to eat grass and weeds in one, hard-to-mow area. She says the area is outside the security fence, so there's no danger of goats on the runways. Malick adds that the department also worries about pollution produced by mechanical mowers, so they're turning to the four-legged variety.

Illegal rat meat 'sold to public' in Ridley Road Market -- Rats and "shocking" quantities of illegal and "potentially unsafe" meat have been sold to the public in east London, a BBC London undercover investigation has found. Secret filming in one of the capital's busiest food markets has revealed butchers and food stores prepared to sell large quantities of meat that break food safety laws. West African and environmental health officer sources told the BBC the Ridley Road Market, in Dalston, was a known hotbed of illicit meat activity, including sales of illegal "smokies", a delicacy made by charring sheep or goat wth a blow torch.

Straight off the line.
Pre-Infected PCs Expose Flaws In Global Supply Chain -- On Thursday, researchers at Microsoft said they found PCs and laptops in China that were embedded with malicious software while still on the factory floor. The computer virus could allow a hacker to switch on a microphone or Webcam, record keystrokes and access users' login credentials and online bank accounts. Microsoft's findings highlighted what experts say is a cybersecurity flaw without a clear solution. Electronics companies rely on a long, complex supply chain in China for cheap parts and labor, yet experts say China has become a growing source of computer hacking against American companies, government and consumers.

- Sheena Moore

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