Friday Latte: iPhone 5, FedEx Office Launches eProcurement System, GE’s Airplane Engine Checks

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Apple's iPhone 5 starts selling in shops across Asia, Europe ahead of US, Canada launch -- In a now familiar global ritual, Apple fans jammed shops across the globe to pick up the tech juggernaut's latest iPhone. Eager buyers formed long lines Friday at Apple Inc. stores in Asia, Europe and North America to be the first to get their hands on the latest version of the smartphone. In New York, several hundred people lined up outside Apple's 5th Avenue store. Jimmy Peralta, a 30-year-old business management student, waited three hours before getting the chance to buy his new gadget. Was it worth the wait?

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...and its maps are crap.
Apple Maps Lose Way With IPhone App Victim to Google Clash: Tech -- The latest casualty of Apple Inc.'s war with Google Inc. in the mobile-phone market is one of the most widely used features of the iPhone: maps. New mapping software Apple is introducing this week with the iPhone 5 was criticized by technology gadget reviewers, who said it doesn't provide directions for public transportation and sometimes gets confused when navigating users. "Apple believes that they can deliver a better experience for customers than Google," said Sarah Rotman Epps, an analyst at Forrester Research. "But in the short term, Google has a better mapping application, and iPhone customers will suffer."

FedEx Office unveils e-procurement system for commercial print work -- The company said the e-procurement system, which was launched across the US this week, can work alongside the different in-house solutions that large companies already use, giving them both greater control and more order customisation abilities, as well as access to FedEx Office's more than 1,800 locations. Customers can also use the system to route projects for internal approval, specify delivery options and track orders, all of which can boost efficiency and reduce costs. The e-procurement launch follows a large company-wide investment in printing equipment earlier this year. FedEx Office revealed that it had deployed nearly 8,000 new printing devices over the past few years, including Agfa Graphics' Jeti 3020 Titan inkjet printers and Zund G3 M-2500 digital table cutters.

Inspections required every 90 days.
New GE Engines to Get Regular Checks -- U.S. aviation-safety regulators on Thursday announced relatively stringent requirements for inspections every 90 days of General Electric Co. engines installed so far on all Boeing Co.'s 787 and newest 747 models. It is unusual for regulators to require such frequent ultrasound inspections of engines only recently approved for airline use. The Federal Aviation Administration's decision, expected to become effective on Friday, follows urgent recommendations issued last week by the National Transportation Safety Board calling for enhanced inspections of GE's newest engine type, called GEnx. Citing cracked or fractured internal parts on three different engines since July, the board warned about the "threat of multiple engine failures on a single aircraft."

- Sheena Moore

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