Friday Latte: Apple Maps Apology, Kobe Beef is Back, Dunkin’ Sources Humane Pork and Eggs

I'm keeping Google maps until I absolutely have to upgrade.
Apple CEO Cook Posts Letter Apologizing For Buggy Maps -- Apple CEO Tim Cook has posted an open letter to the company's customersapologizing for the buggy maps application that included in iOS 6 as a replacement for the Google maps app included in previous versions of iOS. Users have blasted the company for errors and omissions in the new mapping application; some locations are missing, others are on the maps in the wrong place. Others have criticized the omission of mass transit information from the maps.

Where's the beef?
Kobe Beef Is Back! New Rules Allow Some Japanese Beef In U.S. -- Earlier this year I wrote at length about a very pricey food scam, the widespread sale of fake Kobe beef in this country. In my multi-part series I explained that for the past few years the USDA has completely banned the import of all Japanese beef, Kobe or otherwise, fresh or frozen, bone or boneless. If a restaurant was advertising the sale of Kobe beef steaks, burgers, sliders, or any form of Kobe beef whatsoever, it was what I deemed "Faux-be beef" – certainly not the real thing from Japan no matter how much you paid for it. Or as London's Daily Mail eloquently put it, "While restaurants across America have claimed to sell Kobe beef on their upscale menus for years, charging customers hundreds of dollars for the delicacy, these steaks have previously been fakes."

"Companies including Dunkin Donuts understand that consumers are demanding products that minimize cruelty to animals."
Dunkin' Donuts Opens Supply Chain to Cage-Free Eggs and Humanely Raised Pork -- On Wednesday Dunkin' Donuts, the New England-based donut chain that by some accounts is the second largest coffee retailer in the U.S. after Starbucks, announced it will slowly revamp its supply chain to source more humane eggs and pork. By the end of next year five percent of the company's eggs will be cage-free and the company will require its pork suppliers to outline their plans to eliminate gestation crates.

Too much financial burden for advanced degrees?
Enrollment Drops Again in Graduate Programs -- New enrollment in graduate schools fell last year for the second consecutive year, according to a report from the Council of Graduate Schools. The declines followed surges in enrollment in 2008 and 2009 as many unemployed workers sought a haven during the recession. Financial considerations probably played a role in the shift. Students may be dissuaded from continuing their education in part because of the increasing debt burden from their undergraduate years.

- Sheena Moore

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