Afternoon Coffee: $6bn for Boeing, American Airlines Loose Seats, Apple Tracks Laborers

Big deal for Boeing.
Boeing secures $6bn order from Brazil's Gol -- Boeing has secured its largest order from a South American airline, in a deal worth up to $6bn (£3.7bn). Brazilian low-cost carrier Gol is to buy 60 of Boeing's forthcoming narrow body 737 Max aircraft, with the first due to be delivered to it in 2018. Gol said the new planes were 13% more fuel-efficient than its current fleet and would help to cut its costs. The airline is currently reducing its workforce by 2,500 jobs, or 12%, as it seeks to return to profitability.

"An initial review found a potential problem with how the seat tracks fit to the floor."
Loose seats on 757s triggers American Airlines check -- US safety regulators are looking into two separate incidents in recent days when passenger seats came loose midflight on American Airlines planes. The Federal Aviation Administration said both planes had recently undergone maintenance work involving seats. American Airlines said it would inspect the two aircraft and six other 757s. The airline said on Monday that it would carry out overnight checks on planes with similar seat assemblies "out of an abundance of caution".

Raising working standards?
Apple reports 97% of 800K supply chain laborers do not work excessive hours -- In January, over 70,000 supply chain employees were working over 60 hours a week, though the number dropped precipitously since then, possibly as a result Apple's partnership with the Fair Labor Association in February. By extrapolating the latest data, as of August there were still over 24,000 Chinese laborers working what Apple considers excessive hours, however compliance with labor rules appears to be slowly rising. Apple's Chinese manufacturing partners, more specifically Foxconn, became the target of a mass media firestorm (1, 2) regarding labor abuse allegations sparked by a story from monologuist Mike Daisey which aired on NPR. The tale was found to be a fabrication and Daisey was forced to apologize, prompting high-profile publications to issue retractions.

...occupational hazard?!
Oregon farmer eaten by his pigs -- Authorities are investigating how a farmer in the US state of Oregon was devoured by his pigs. Terry Vance Garner, 69, went to feed his animals last Wednesday on his farm by the coast, but never returned. His dentures and pieces of his body were found by a family member in the pig enclosure, but the rest of his remains had been consumed. The Coos County district attorney's office said that one of the animals had previously bitten Garner.

- Sheena Moore

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