A Busy Week: Oracle Open World, GXS, IQNavigator, Information Week and the Chicago Marathon!

Got a procurement-related event this week in the US? Chances are the Spend Matters team is there in force (or at least limited force, as we've divided and conquered). My colleague Thomas Kase is covering Oracle Open World (OOW) for us, and has been busy capturing his notes from the festivities in downtown San Francisco since Sunday. Look for a number of observations and posts to follow from Thomas this week and next (you likely already read his first dispatch from yesterday morning).

Yesterday, I participated in the Information Week 500 virtual conference, speaking during a session exploring business networks and supplier/trading partner connectivity. And later today, I pack my bags for Boston to speak at IQNavigator's customer summit on Thursday morning.

Curiously, the Information Week virtual event came after talking to a number of manufacturers curious about not only the future of EDI, but also broader supplier network capabilities and enablement on Monday. Incidentally (and no, Nick, this is not a plug for your product baby at GXS) the busiest booth by far at the cocktail reception was GXS' supplier information management (SIM) product line. Perhaps this is because it was strategically placed closest to the most important supplier of the hour -- the bar. Or maybe supplier management is finally getting people excited even when they're sober.

After this entire hubbub, I'm coming back to on Friday to race in my hometown marathon on Sunday. I'm running for a great cause this year (Girls on the Run Chicago), one that I'll ask you to put your checkbook on the line for later this week. If by chance you're running this year, please let me know! I will happily buy anyone left standing a pint of Green Line (or Gatorade) in the afternoon following.

- Jason Busch

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