Contract Management Webinar: Get the Slides, Get the Paper

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I hope those of you who listened in to our webinar last week on Contract Management enjoyed it and found it useful – thanks for some very kind comments and feedback as well!

You can listen again to the entire webinar, or indeed for the first time if you missed it, here. And you can get a copy of the slides we used during the webinar also here, totally free of charge or even registration...

In the webinar, I talk about why contract management is important and why procurement should take ownership of it. Then we get into risk and opportunity – the two key drivers of contract management – and explain in a little more detail what we mean by that. My section finishes with a look at some first practical steps you can take to get into the whole topic.

Then Jason Busch looks I more detail at compliance issues – arguably, many of the problems that caused the 2008 financial crash were issues of contract visibility, he says! He expanded on that, explaining why visibility is just as important as contract lifecycle management. Finally, we have slides from Ulf Zetterberg of Seal Software, getting into their contract visibility product at an overview level.

You can also now download our "Perspectives" paper, written by me (with input from colleagues of course) and snappily titled:

Getting to Grips with Contract Management: How the CPO Can Lead on Managing Contract Risk and Opportunity – Discovery, Focus and Capability

We'll be featuring a couple of extracts from it here over the next week or so, but you can download it immediately here from the Seal website, free on registration. It's an important topic, and hopefully a stimulating and not overly "technical" read.

- Peter Smith

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  1. Donald Pacheco:

    looking for webinars

    1. Nick Heinzmann:

      Hi, Donald. Unfortunately this webinar is no longer available for viewing on our site. You can, however, view it on Seal’s website here.

      For more information on contract management, be sure to check out the slides from the presentation and read more of articles on contract management.

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