Afternoon Coffee: BravoSolution Roundtables, American Airlines' Failure, Walmart’s Bluebird Card

Upcoming in Philly, Atlanta, and Chicago...
BravoSolution Fall Executive Roundtable Series: Moving Procurement to a Vital and Valuable Function -- The BravoSolution Roundtable series are educational events geared towards procurement professionals that are interested in new strategies and best practices to meet their unique objectives. The BravoSolution Roundtable series also provides the opportunity to network with industry analysts, experts and respected supply chain executives. This event will feature Mickey North Rizza of BravoSolution discussing strategies to ensure that procurement is seen as a relevant and vital function throughout your organization. In this session Mickey will cover the fundamental components needed to develop and execute a plan to move procurement forward and to deliver substantial value contribution. Mickey will cover components and techniques such as: Change Management, Strategic Alignment and Accountability to, Business Outcomes, Organizational Design, Business Process & Methodology, and Performance Measurement. To register for this event, please click the link above. For more information or questions please contact Bridgette Barry at B.Barry (at) BravoSolution (dot) com or call 847-924-7232.

I know I certainly have my fair share of horror stories.
American Fail Lines -- The good news for American Airlines is that it's prepared to announce that by Saturday none of its 757s will have seats that come loose during flight. The bad news, obviously, is that as of last Thursday, American had to cancel 50 flights because 48 of their planes couldn't be flown safely. The problem, it says, is that spilled sodas blocked the locking pins used on some of the seats, a flaw that can be corrected by using a different mechanism. The deeper problem for American is that seats coasting around the cabin in flight isn't even the biggest problem it's wrestling with this fall. American is bankrupt, and the bankruptcy proceeding--while designed to restore the airline to health--has ignited a multifront civil war pitting executives against their own employees. Things are so bad for American that the hilarious Sept. 29 New York Times op-ed by novelist Gary Shteyngart about his nightmarish experience on a trans-Atlantic American flight actually understated the case. Everyone who flies has an airline horror story or two to tell, but this fall American is demonstrably worse than the competition.

Responding to a rise in the cost of traditional banking.
Walmart Targets Unhappy Bank Customers With New Prepaid Card--Should Big Banks Be Nervous? -- Today Walmart announced an alternative to traditional debit and checking accounts in partnership with American Express. The Bluebird accounts target consumers who are fed up with increasing fees from traditional bank accounts. The Bluebird accounts will have no minimum balance requirement and no monthly maintenance, annual or activation fee. Customers can access their money for free using one of 22,000 American Express MoneyPass ATMs, but will be hit with a $2 fee if they are not enrolled in direct deposit.

Lessons learned.
3 Lessons For Better Supply Chain Management -- What do three leading chemical, automobile, and software companies have in common? All three – Honda, BASF and SAP – are looking to curb risks and take advantage of opportunities across their global supply chains. They're doing so by measuring their greenhouse gas emissions not just in their operations but up and down their value chains.

- Sheena Moore

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