Exploring Services Procurement SOW Implementations: Lessons From IQNavigator (Part 1)

Earlier this month, I had the chance to present at IQNSIDERS, IQNavigator's annual customer event. My gracious hosts made the mistake of telling me I had extra time for my presentation (which resulted in a warning sign after nearly two hours telling me that I had gone over even the extra allotted time). Alas, if my presentation was half as useful as the other ones I saw while I was there, then the audience came away with a good bit of knowledge. The entire conference was packed with excellent content, including a significant discussion on driving statement of work (SOW) and project-based adoption.

If you're interested in a deeper look, we previously covered IQNavigator's enhanced and recently released capabilities around SOW services procurement on Spend Matters PRO. See:

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We won't rehash the 3,000 word analysis in this multi-part series. But we conclude by recommending that companies consider "shortlisting IQNavigator in cases where SOW enablement is valued and where specific budgets are allocated to pay for enablement; organizations are likely to find that while rivals such as FieldGlass, Beeline and Provade each have certain elements (some more than others) to recommend them, that IQNavigator's general SOW capabilities take, perhaps, the most thoughtful lifecycle management and systems integration take on SOW and project-based management."

What is more interesting in universally applying SOW capabilities to services procurement is how to set programs up for success in the first place. As this series kicks off, we'll consider a number of the lessons we learned from IQNavigator's event beginning with how best to address compliance as a key driver, including a number of questions and tradeoffs companies must be prepared to answer in the evaluation and roll-out process. Stay tuned!

- Jason Busch

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