Afternoon Coffee: Boo Berry and Count Chocula, Japanese Disaster Funds Misspent, Wine Shortage

"A quest for Count Chocula will lead Ron Macedo, a 41-year-old Toronto food distributor, across the border this month to Buffalo, N.Y., in order to buy at least 10 boxes of Chocula for himself and at least 20 boxes of Boo and Franken Berry for friends--to take back to Canada."
Boo Berry Is Big at Halloween With Kids, Hoarders and Resellers -- October is the coolest month for Roger Barr. For a few happy weeks, grocery stores stock the object of his desire: Boo Berry. That is the berry-flavored cereal that turns milk bluish, delighting generations of American kids--and some adults, too. The 35-year-old Mr. Barr eats a bowl of it nearly every morning, and for Halloween dresses up as the blue ghost with a porkpie hat seen on the front of the cereal box. "It's the best cereal there is," says the Los Angeles-based website administrator. "I eat as much Boo Berry as I can." Mr. Barr's problem is that he can't eat as much Boo Berry as he would like, unless he lays away a year's supply. Not long after Halloween, Boo Berry disappears from stores like an apparition.

Wine shortage? Noooooo!
Wine shortage to follow poor 2012 grape harvest -- A poor grape harvest in 2012 is predicted to lead to a shortage of wine across the world. The International Organisation for Vine and Wine (OIV) says global wine production will fall to its lowest level since records began in 1975. Hardest hit are wine-makers in Argentina, where output will fall 24%, and in the world's two largest wine producers, Italy and France. The OIV said the fall in production was likely to push up prices.

Japan mismanages relief funds.
Japan tsunami reconstruction money 'misspent' -- Japan has spent funds intended for reconstruction after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami on unrelated projects, a government audit has found. Projects financed by the $150bn (£93bn) fund include roads in Okinawa, an ad campaign for Japan's tallest building and support for whaling research. Some 325,000 people remain displaced 18 months on from the disaster. In some areas little reconstruction work has been carried out, reports say.

NYC flights hopefully to resume tomorrow.
Airlines Hope to Resume New York Flights on Thursday -- Airlines have begun to restore service at most Northeast airports, but departures from the New York airports are being delayed at least until Thursday. Flights to most key East Coast airports began to resume Tuesday as Hurricane Sandy departed, and will continue to be ramped up on Wednesday. But in the New York area, airports remain closed. The most hopeful sign is that Delta expects to begin limited domestic flying at Kennedy International Airport on Wednesday afternoon. The carrier will resume limited flying to LaGuardia and Newark Airports Wednesday night, planning for a Thursday morning restart.

- Sheena Moore

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