Friday Latte: Helping After Sandy, CV Success, Payphone’s Heyday, US Adds 171,000 New Jobs

How you can help!
Hurricane Sandy: How you can help -- Lots of ways to give, volunteer, and show that you care about those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy earlier this week.

Picture or no picture??
Tips for CV success.... and more procurement jobs -- If you haven't done so already, and you're interested at all in recruitment or being recruited, read our new article on Spend Matters search4 procurement – all about the psychological research that suggest whether or not we should attach a picture to our CVs. That's our own picture, not one of Brad Pitt or Halle Berry, I should point out. There's also a suggestion about how to tip the scales in your favour before an interview through a simple but effective technique... (no, not a brown envelope full of cash)!

ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY!!! "Coin-Eating Retro Devices Baffle Some, Frustrate Many."
After Sandy, Wired New Yorkers Get Reconnected With Pay Phones -- "Phones that normally do two dollars a day are taking in $50 a day," says Peter Izzo of Van Wagner Communications, one of 13 local pay-phone-operating franchises. "In times of distress, the people of the city love them." After the storm struck, people under umbrellas waited in line at some pay phones downtown Tuesday. "During disasters, we sometimes have to empty them every day," says Thomas Keane, chief executive officer of Pacific Telemanagement Services, a pay-phone operator whose New York locations include transit stations, hospitals and police offices. "It takes 300 to 400 calls a day for that to happen."

The latest numbers....
US economy adds 171,000 new jobs -- The US economy added 171,000 new jobs in October, which was much more than had been expected. But the official figures from the Labor Department showed that the unemployment rate still rose to 7.9%, having fallen to 7.8% in September, as more workers resumed the search for jobs. Only people who are currently looking for a job count as unemployed. Unemployment is one of the key issues ahead of Tuesday's presidential election.

- Sheena Moore

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