A Spend Matters Sponsor Shake-Up!

Spend Matters rarely has much movement in the sponsor areas. We have limited the number of sponsors at any one time since the site was launched eight years ago this month. Yet our sponsors tend to stick around for a while, which has created quite a bit of demand for those who want to come in (especially on the Associate level, which is usually the entry point for most). But we recently had a few changes (as you may have noticed). D&B, a long-time Spend Matters Lead Sponsor, has moved over to our sister-site MetalMiner as a Lead Sponsor there (focused on supplier risk and supplier compliance) and has joined Spend Matters as a MetalMiner Affiliate Sponsor. More on this soon, including some exciting new offerings from D&B that we'll share in our introductory welcome post this week.

In other changes, Procurian (formerly ICG Commerce), another long-term Lead Sponsor, will be working with us in some exciting areas in 2013 to get their outstanding category market intelligence into the global procurement market. We're excited that over the years, we've been able to maintain our long-term sponsors relationships and watch them blossom in new ways. The evolution of this relationship with Procurian is especially cool as sharing their category-focused supply market insights in new ways will benefit the entire Spend Matters and procurement community. The movement amongst our long-time Lead Sponsors, D&B and Procurian, created two new Lead Sponsor openings in the past month. Fortunately, we've been able to fill them quickly with two fast-growing providers in the procurement market.

First today, I'm excited to announce that GEP has joined Spend Matters for the first time as a Lead Sponsor. GEP describes itself as "a diverse, creative team of people passionate about procurement" that "invests ourselves entirely in our client's success, creating strong collaborative relationships that deliver extraordinary value year after year ... deliver[ing] practical, effective procurement services and technology that enable procurement leaders to maximize their impact on business operations, strategy and financial performance." We'll be extending a more detailed welcome to GEP and introduction to Spend Matters readers in the coming days, including sharing some background analysis with Spend Matters PRO readers.

We're equally as excited to welcome Coupa as a new Lead Sponsor to both our US and UK/Europe sites. As we've noted about Coupa in the past on our Provider Index, "Our research suggests that Coupa is the fastest growing P2P or eProcurement vendor in the market based on its rate of both enterprise and middle market customer acquisition. On a net customer basis, Coupa appears to be growing faster than Ariba across the same product lines. Readers should note that Coupa is achieving this despite competing against Ariba, which has a commercial team (sales, sales support, etc.) that is over ten times as large. One of Coupa's secret to its success stems from its "opinionated" approach to procurement. Its user interface is like nothing else in the market."

We'll see whether Coupa's customer growth can maintain this momentum and lead compared to the new SAP/Ariba juggernaut. Knowing their solution suite – including newly added invoicing, spend analysis, contract management and related capabilities (and soon to be added sourcing tools) – we have no doubt they'll put up a huge fight for customer growth dominance compared to their historic rivals. Stay tuned as we provide additional information about Coupa and their market direction in a formal welcome post as well. We also look forward to finally getting around to writing up their new e-invoicing solution (which we'll share on Spend Matters and in more detailed and comparative analysis on Spend Matters PRO).

Coupa and GEP are both among the next generation of procurement solution providers in this market, pushing forward in new ways beyond the Ariba and ERP past (which is also changing, mind you!) We're thrilled that they're supporting our efforts and welcome them as Lead Sponsors to our virtual pages. We're also thrilled to continue working with D&B and Procurian in new areas. Thanks to all of these providers for supporting the Spend Matters research and content engine.

- Jason Busch

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