A Spend Matters PRO Endorsement

We're thankful for the endorsement that Pete Louglin has provided to Spend Matters PRO over on his blog, Purchasing Insight. We've admittedly done a poor job marketing PRO thus far – focusing on the quality of the content above anything else – but we think 2013 is going to be a big year for our subscription site. We're thrilled some of our colleagues are recognizing what we've done in the past few months with our Spend Matters PRO effort:

"Spend Matters PRO is now offering one of the most authoritative sources of views and analysis in our industry and in some specialist fields it is arguably without equal, but at a fraction of the cost of the traditional analysts ... In the past, you would access analyst insights via an expensive subscription and for large organizations it has been, and mostly still is, worth it – as long as they understand that the business analysis you get generally only covers those businesses who have in turn paid a substantial subscription. The analyst research has always been about big business doing business with big business, perpetuating the self-fulfilling prophecy that you won't get fired for buying IBM. This is not what we want in 2012. We need better insights than that and while business should of course continue to subscribe to the quality analysts, to get the whole picture they should subscribe too to the real expert analysts. You know who they are."

It's our view that PRO is redefining analysis and opinion for the sector and we're thrilled others are seeing this as well. But we don't view PRO as necessarily competitive with what other analysts are up to. In fact, many of the incumbent firms maintain teams that we count as our friends and colleagues (we're especially fans of much of the work Forrester is up to these days in a diversity of areas. In fact, look for some upcoming guest content from them on Spend Matters!). Yet PRO is already shaking things up, insofar as it gives practitioners and consultants a true edge in getting smart about what is really a very diverse set of procurement-related topics – from what events to attend (and why), to what technologies to buy to how to negotiate with vendors to pay less for supplier network fees.

PRO is deeper, more expert and more opinionated than anything else in the market. The truth is simple – the analysts really don't cover procurement because they don't have the time to do it right with a single FTE (or two) dedicated to the topic. We have eight folks focused on it full-time, every day. And we cover it with a passion, opinion, enthusiasm and subject matter depth that generalist technology experts typically lack.

We invite you to peruse the most recent dozen or so topics on PRO, below. If you want to see more, contact Sheena for a free trial: smoore@spendmatters.com.

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- Jason Busch

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