Spend Matters: Five Changes for 2013

We've been quiet of late about our plans for 2013 here at Spend Matters and across our sites. But behind the scenes, we've been laying the groundwork for a very significant year of change and growth. While we'll be sharing a number of the details in the coming months, here's a preview of the changes to come:

  • A clear push to offer free, "freemium" and premium content. Most Spend Matters readers don't know what they're missing in terms of our freemium (registration required) and premium (pay wall) content. This will change early in 2013 as we make the lines more clear about what our readers get at each level of service and subscription
  • Investing in our readers through technology. We have a new CTO coming on board whose number one job will be to make our sites and user experience better overall. Our core competency to date has been publishing vast amounts of hopefully useful content. Not that this will change, but how we share it is going to evolve, helping build a true Spend Matters content-based community
  • New experts and research leadership. Look for new experts to join both the community and our team and cover procurement topics with greater depth, clarity and opinion as we scale up our research efforts
  • A new site. Spend Matters gets more than a facelift in January. It will transition to a whole new platform that will be more closely integrated with our portfolio of sites
  • An enhanced "front door." Across our portfolio of sites, we publish over 20 pieces of content, 10,000 words and 600 price points per day on average. That's a lot of material! And it's only going to increase next year. Yet it's not well organized or structured across our sites. We'll be changing this with a new front door (and site) to all Spend Matters and portfolio content in January
  • Becoming more commercially oriented. Yes, expect more sales calls (we're sorry). We've gotten to 14 full-time employees and partners in our business with only one salesperson, something we know is somewhat foolish. We'll be staffing up commercially to position what we do (especially when it comes to premium content) to a much broader audience

Stay tuned! We promise our most exciting new chapter in 2013 yet.

- Jason Busch

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  1. Jennifer Sikora:

    Keep up the great work, Spend Matters team. We’ve been impressed with your evolution over the past year and happy to be a part as a sponsor.

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