Afternoon Coffee: McDonald’s India, Ongoing Spending Habits, US’ Big Exports, Chitown Parking Meters

"We confidently and proudly state that ingredients used in our products are sourced locally that includes the French Fries."
We source all our ingredients locally: McDonald's India -- Fast food chain McDonald's today disputed the remark of Leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj in Parliament that it does not buy local produce, saying all the ingredients used in its products in India are sourced from within the country. "Before setting up its business in India, McDonald's had made a commitment to government on local sourcing of its entire raw material requirement.

30 Ways Your Spending Habits Change With Age -- HS Dent, an economic forecasting firm, compiled Census data on spending behavior and presented them as a series of demand curves (see right). The curves measure average annual expenditure for a given product over the age of the consumer. The charts couldn't be more plain. But with a tiny bit of imagination, the curves offer a vivid look at how spending patterns change over time.

Can the U.S. return to a surplus on manufacturing trade?
In World of Big Stuff, the U.S. Still Rules -- The U.S. had a deficit of $509.7 billion in trade in manufactured goods in this year's first nine months, largely due to gaping deficits in such major categories as consumer electronics and clothing. But in certain areas--notably aircraft, industrial engines, excavators and railway and mining equipment--the U.S. exports far more than it imports.

This again.
City Says It's Being Overbilled With Chicago Parking Meter Tab -- The tab the city owes Chicago Parking Meters LLC now stands at $61 million and remains a bomb that can blow up Mayor Rahm Emanuel's proposed 2013 budget. The Sun-Times reports that Chicago Parking Meters may be trying to soak the city for more than it actually owes.

- Sheena Moore

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