MetalMiner Turns Five!

Our sister-site, MetalMiner, has been celebrating a birthday. A fifth birthday, to be exact. You can track all of the festivities, including a number of award giveaways, on the MetalMiner site. In five years since launch (when it was just an advertising vehicle for a consultancy), MetalMiner has become the largest online metals trade publication site by a significant margin. It's also become part of the Spend Matters family of sites (we acquired it back in 2010).

MetalMiner is also our largest site in the Azul Partners portfolio, although there is a friendly competition underway for Spend Matters to catch up. Still, what MetalMiner has accomplished in its five short years is nothing sort of extraordinary. Besides growing significantly larger than publications that have been in the metals industry for generations by focusing on a new type of opinionated content, they've also launched a new metals pricing service (which will soon add forecasting in early 2013) that offers API-based links into popular spend analysis and ERP tools to enable organizations to track over 600 metals price points and trends in the context of their procurement efforts.

MetalMiner has really outperformed Spend Matters (and every procurement, supply chain, metals and related site) in virtually every way in the past 12 months with new product launches and booming traffic growth. While we've gotten a bit too fat and happy for comfort here at Spend Matters by our own high standards, MetalMiner has truly slimmed down and accelerated into orbit. We'll be following their lead in a major way in 2013 here on Spend Matters as we truly take this site in an enhanced direction with a content focus and mix we think will put procurement issues onto as many desktops (and mobile devices) as possible.

In the meantime, please join us here at Spend Matters in wishing MetalMiner a happy birthday, and take a look at some special videos we compiled for the occasion:

MetalMiner Makes Major Announcement
Video: The Largest – Yet Fittest – US Metals Trade Publication

Video: MetalMiner's Sexy New Look

James Bond's Q Shows Off the MetalMiner IndX

MetalMiner Video Montage – What We Did On Our Birthday

- Jason Busch

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