Friday Latte: Supplier Diversity Fraud, PR and Procurement, Factory Fire Follow-Up

Supplier diversity: Chicago-style.
Truck company owner pleads guilty in fraud for minority contracts -- The owner of a dump truck company who secured $3 million in city contracts pleaded guilty today in federal court to acting as a minority "pass through" for another company seeking city sewer contracts.

More on marketing and procurement.
Procurement specialists can be a marketer's ally -- I have begun working more frequently with external procurement specialists as both a vendor and a PR partner and discovered there is no reason for fear. It boils down to this; a well-managed agency review process benefits everyone as both sides end up with a clear deal and hopefully a mutually beneficial financial relationship. So why the fear? Let's address the realities of procurement and the benefit to marketing agencies.

The true cost of an F35.
Cost of buying, servicing F-35 fighter jets soars to $40B -- The cost of buying and servicing the F-35 stealth fighter jets that Ottawa has been planning to purchase has skyrocketed to about $40 billion, CTV News has learned, as the Conservative government considers alternative aircraft. A report commissioned by the government, which will be released next week, will kick off a review of the entire jet fighter procurement process and the need to replace Canada's aging fleet of CF-18 jets.

Follow-up on the factory fires.
Apparel factory fire reveals big brands' shadowy supply chains -- However, an investigation by Reuters since the November 24 blaze has found that, under pressure from big Western brands to produce huge volumes of apparel fast and at rock-bottom prices, Bangladeshi suppliers routinely sub-contract their orders. This frequently happens without the knowledge of the end-buyers and, all too often, the orders end up in factories that under-pay workers or cut corners on safety.

- Sheena Moore

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